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Dollar Kid/Topside Kid


Joanna: "Stop motelling that girl! She did too much heroin and also she is a child!"
Rando: "Step aside, I was just about to do some raping."
Joanna: "Not with me here! Don't you know Mia is the only thing I am good at?"

Joanna makes short work of him, even stealing his wallet because fuck that guy.


Will: "Edward, you know how much I hate it when you show up and help me do my job."
Edward: "I know, but I'm a much better person than you are so I don't care. I just wanted to help you solve another murder. Here is a golf club."
Will: "Are you asking me to arrest you?"
Edward: "Coincidentally, just long enough to prevent my own murder, but I don't actually know that, so yeah."


Joanna: "Poor baby, drink some water. You certainly got up to it today, huh?"
Mia: "It was terrible! I went to Vivian and my shrink dressed like an asshole, and he said all this true stuff, and then my mom was her usual trainwreck, so I took a field trip and long story short, I did a buncha heroin."
Joanna: "Back up."
Mia: "I mean, I thought it was coke, but... okay, why are you looking at me like that."
Joanna: "I am weirdly not interested in that part. You say your sister had a shrink?"
Mia: "Is that helpful for your murder investigation I don't know about? How about if I tell you he taped her sessions, would that be randomly helpful at all?"
Joanna: "Tabled for now. Back to you, you went to the motel because you missed her, I guess. Oh, here's that necklace I found earlier."
Mia: "It was hers, to celebrate her 30 days. The fact she dropped it down there might matter later, I don't know. But you know, if I could ask her anything, I'd ask her whether or not to kill Senator Haverstock."
Joanna: "I can tell you without even thinking that hard she would say to help him."
Mia: "Because she was such a nice guy?"
Joanna: "No, because clearly you want to, because you are not a total asshole like everybody else in your family, so doing it would calm you down. Maybe you wouldn't feel the need to go do heroin and get murdered all the time just like her. Just do it and then you never have to think about him again. Doesn't that sound perfect?"


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