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Dollar Kid/Topside Kid

Robert: "Gabe, I have been looking into all your shit. But don't worry about that, I have something horrible to ask you that will give you a personality just in time for the end of this entire show."
Gabe: "I'm listening. This scene doesn't seem very important because you are so all-purpose menacing all the time, but in fact this is a very elegant switcheroo story in plain sight."


Therapist: "I'm not saying it's about doctor-patient confidentiality, I'm saying I don't want to scare off my other patients by doing something like this. At least until my book deal clears."
Joanna: "Oh, okay. You're awful, got it. Hand 'em over."

Edward checks into the jailhouse with a bunch of low-level drug cases and casts about a wonderfully disgusted look about his situation; Julian puts on a wire and prepares for his date with destiny and -- spoiler alert -- a big fucking knife. I mention this because it's a fun parallel that when the players were different and it was Joanna wearing the wire to Julian's house, she ended up pretty sure that Julian was going to stab her with a huge knife. That's kinda cool, right? Somebody should give Julian a corkscrew, just in case.


It is at this point that I began to radically reassess my personal relationship with Audrey Cruz, because it is at this point that she decides to turn the mother out. After seeing this scene, starting with her earlier scene in the bar actually, but certainly at this point, I kind of wanted to just watch a supercut of all her scenes up to now, is how great she is for the remainder of her time on Earth, starting right now.

Stupid Nichole: "Hey, I was just wondering if you'd be so kind as to murder me real quick. Every episode I try to get my ass fully murdered and nobody will do it, so I thought I'd go straight to the source."
Audrey: "Are you sure about this?"
Stupid Fucking Terrible Nichole: "Sure enough to drop Remy Colville's name right here in your foyer. Does that answer your question?"
Audrey: "Oh, great! Come right in! So I can just straight-up kill you right before I leave town. Man, I love it when loose ends just show up at your door, begging for the sweet release of death like this."

She locks the door behind that bitch, no mistake, and I'm telling you: Those faces she's been making were just a warm-up. They were preliminary faces. This was some advanced face-making, the face she makes at this point. It is the face of somebody who is about to kill the shit out of you.

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