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Dollar Kid/Topside Kid


Sofia: "Hey, I brought you three million bucks. I've been saving it since you first went to jail for me, but I think we both knew I'd never really use it to run away with you."
Wyatt: "We should probably mention it was heroin you planted on me, just in case that matters since everything is heroin on this show."
Sofia: "Good call. Hey, remember when I was pregnant with your kid and we were going to name her Mia and then my father abused me so badly that I lost the baby?"
Wyatt: "And then presumably you murdered him or both of your parents, and I took the fall for it?"
Sofia: "Presumably, but why get real clear about what actually happened back then? The viewers know by now that whatever it was, was amazing."
Wyatt: "So you got your Mia and you got your money. Worked out for you."
Sofia: "Well, now it worked out for both of us, because you have a shit-ton of money. And I want you to know -- maybe because I'm being honest, maybe so you won't kill my entire family -- that I really, truly, deeply love(d) you."
Wyatt: "Listen, is there anywhere around here even more degrading than a men's toilet where I could maybe violently fuck you from behind, one last time?"
Sofia: "No, I have a high-class function later and I don't want to muss my hairdo. But thanks, that's really sweet of you."


Senator: "Mia! You look like a crackhead. And I'm not merely talking about your outfit, although that is definitely part of it."
Mia: "Shut up and take my marrow!"
Senator: "Because we love each other? I'm actually super touched."
Mia: "No. Because I'm not shitty like everybody else on this show. Go fuck yourself."

At the door, she turns, praying at least one person will be shocked by her amazing statement: "Oh, but I'm gonna wait a couple days 'cause I accidentally did heroin today."

Dwight: "Oh my God, you are so cool right now. You are a pure soul."
Mia: "Yeah, well. So was my mom and look where that landed her."


"I dreamt that I brought Justin Timberlake home for dinner because we're writing a children's book together... don't laugh. Maybe it means something... I feel strong and I'm going to a meeting every day like a good little 12-Stepper..."

I'll tell you this, Meagan Good is talented at a lot of things -- my problems with the writing shouldn't even reflect on Joanna, let alone her actor -- but one of the most amazing is this consistent way she's able to create an entire history with Vivian whenever she does things like this, like longingly watching a video tape (which in terms of production she's probably just pretending to watch, if you see what I mean), and then you think about how those two actresses haven't to my memory shared a single scene at any point.

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