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Dollar Kid/Topside Kid

But you look at her face in these times or when she looks at Mia, and you really feel the love washing over you, from her. I like that a lot. Not only because of the idea of an actor in a space creating a relationship from thin air, but also because of what it lends her relationship with Mia, and with Robert and the whole thing. The show rests on Joanna's obsession, we keep being told, with getting justice -- and this episode especially, it's important to feel that with her. This tiny little scene really builds that atmosphere, it's nice.

I'd imagine if Julian didn't gross me out so much you'd see that same effect of layered history going on, but I spend those scenes just wondering why a perfectly great girl like her would love him as a kid, much less as an adult. I mean God, who loves people they shouldn't, forever and ever, falls into the same patterns and self-destruction, even though they know they shouldn't, no matter how old they get? (Everybody does that, all the time, it's fine.) Although yeah, if my other option was fuckin' Will Moreno I'd marry Julian in about a minute. He's at least theoretically a fixer-upper and he does try pretty hard, regardless of the result. That's worth a little bit.


Audrey: "You're here! You know what, let's go out."
Julian: "Let's stand right here and you can talk into my abdomen very clearly."
Audrey: "No, I think we should go out. Immediately."
Julian: "What's the hurry? Pour me a drink and get drunk and project your voice."
Audrey: "Julian I'm going to insist. I mean, look at this place. It's a mess from my obviously hasty getaway."
Julian: "Hey, where does this trail of blood lead?"
Audrey: "Don't worry about it! Hey, want a blowjob?"
Julian: "Sure but hang on."

Julian finds Nichole's dead (?) body in a closet and they have this whole conversation about WTF why is there a dead body in your closet with fresh blood everywhere and it's hilarious because he doesn't turn around, just chats with her about this as Audrey gets closer and closer and admits to more and more murders, and he never turns around, so he's like, surprised when she plunges a knife into his back and he goes choking and spitting out into her gorgeous apartment just as the cops are busting in, and then randomly Gabe shoots her like a million times for no reason, and Will is like, "Why did you just kill this person?"

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