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Dollar Kid/Topside Kid

And sometimes you're right! But usually you're not -- for the simple reason that it is not your job to have fought this out in the writer's room and you're probably not privy to the opinions of many, many other people who brought up your same issues and were answered with good answers or more pressing issues -- and just like Topside Kid the only person you can count on is yourself. I don't think I did that thing I hate, because this show has always been an above-average amount of perfect jewels swimming in a broth of mediocrity and we don't get enough about Joanna to understand why she makes these choices.

But there's a way to look at this as, you got a woman who spends ten episodes down on herself, saying no to love and yes to control, because she's having to choose between two old wounds. And at some point, she sees Will for what he is and jumps out into the new. And it is dangerous and nobody approves, but then they're just carrying old wounds, too, so who's to say? Maybe Julian is terrible, maybe he's improving: But he's not Will, so, good on Joanna.

And you know, even Will has been making demonstrable strides in de-shittifying himself, lately. Where it gets me is, as a writer, I don't see how you would define this freedom arc as existing alongside this love triangle. I don't know how you could expect to sell both, because that's asking a lot to pace those two parallel journeys side-by-side, week-by-week and not make Joanna look like a spineless boring jellyfish. But who knows, maybe that just happened regardless. It's not like you can ask the writers, because they are doing their jobs and doing it great, and their concerns are not necessarily my concerns. So there's not actually an answer to the question. But it's interesting and I think a good idea to explore it, without immediately naming a Bad Guy, because I have found in life that zero-to-imperceptible amounts of situations have one of those and our tendency to go there so easily makes fools of us all.


Will downloads everything that happened while Tater D was in jail for ten minutes, and Julian's going to be okay, and they got all the evidence they needed for the drug trial thing and, presumably, the murder investigation, but guess what also: The only blood on the golf club was animal blood. Dwight's control over their family, Robert's control over his kids, Edward's inability to have a life -- twenty years just gone -- all rests on the lying shoulders of Senator Haverstock.

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