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Dollar Kid/Topside Kid


Joanna: "All I want is for you to lay low until I get back from reporting to Will about Audrey Cruz. Can you possibly avoid telling Robert every single thing?"
Beverly: "Sure, no problem! But why are you just coming from Julian's room?"
Joanna: "Come on."
Beverly: "Valid. Oh! My contact just popped out of my eye at this very moment!"
Joanna: "There's probably a clue on the floor... yep, there it is. A necklace. I'll stow that away for later, thinking perhaps Mia dropped it down here while she was lurking in the wine cellar, as children often do."
Beverly: "Oh good, my contact lens."
Joanna: "Good thing it fell out of your eyeball for no reason, like this is 1987."


Mia: "Why are we taping my therapy?"
Therapist: "For later on in the episode, don't worry about it."
Mia: "Anyway, fuckin' fuck everybody. I'm just a kid."
Therapist: "You seem to have a lot of very justified anger."
Mia: "Fuck you! I'm outta here."
Therapist: "But we haven't even talked about the fact that you are wearing a tutu and fairy wings and some kind of bunny-ear contraption on your head and pink stripes in your hair! What about that?"
Mia: "They are expressions of my anger and also going crazy! But mostly the latter! Good day!"


Julian: "So to reiterate, it's been confirmed multiple times that my girlfriend I just cheated on, Audrey Cruz, paid the Russian Mafia to kill half the people on this show?"
Edward: "Yeah, so I'd cool it with the random hookups. Oh, and sorry that she made me destroy your career and our entire family."
Julian: "Don't worry about it. I think I win by dating the person who did all of this."
Will: "This is where you come in. Would you mind wearing a wire into the apartment of your girlfriend, the homicidal maniac, and getting her to admit she killed everybody?"

Joanna: "Hey Gabe, have you seen Will?"
Gabe: "He is having a meeting with Julian and Edward."
Joanna: "Gotcha. I'll just be hiding in this file room. I love a good file room."


Will: "Not because you might sleep with him or anything, but my new plan is to get Julian murdered. I call it Plan B."
Joanna: "Hold that thought -- this is so weird, but I just slept with Julian. It's so crazy that you would say that."

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