You’re Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail

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Malcolm: And yesterday, you didn't think his business dealings were dirty. Look, you have two choices: testify against Bodaway Macawi, or leave and make a clean start somewhere else.

Bridget: I am not going back to my old life and I'm not running again. I've been safe and sound living with Andrew for months. Andrew may be a liar and a crook, but he's not a murderer. He's my honey bunny. If you can't accept that, you should leave.

Apparently, it's also the same time in Denver, Colorado, that it is in New York and Paris. Agent Victory "Guyliner" Machado, is at the FBI Field Office, when Agent Torrence welcomes him to the Bodaway Macawi task force. The task force is a joint venture between the FBI and the ATF. Torrence is chief fed in charge. He's also a bit of a jerk. He mocks Guyliner, reminds him that Office Jimmy confessed to murdering Shaylene Briggs, and rubs Bridget's escape in Guyliner's face.

We flashback to sixteen months ago, at Harry's Fun Room (no, really, that's the name of the strip club) in Laramie, Wyoming. Look, there's Bridget as a stripper. She saunters over to Guyliner, sitting at the bar, leans over and asks, "Has anyone ever told you, you have amazing eyes?"

Xander: Is it just me, or did she sound exactly like Buffy, that time we were dancing, and she asked me if she'd ever thanked me for saving her life?

Recapper: Um...little bit, yeah. But skeedaddle. You're not on this show, kiddo.

Anyhow, Guyliner is giggling, and flattered, but when Bridget offers to "rock his world' he's all thanks but no thanks. Bridget gives him a bitter little, "Whatever," then sashays off in search of another client. Soon, Guyliner spots Shaylene Briggs (Nikki Deloach). She offers him a lap dance or some sort of strip club experience in the "Champagne Court." Shaylene started dancing ten years ago, hoping to make enough money to get her real estate license. Guyliner tells her she can still make a change. They soon talk about why he's there -- to recruit her as a C.I. to inform on Bodaway Macawi. They're very flirty-wirty with each other. Finally, Shaylene agrees to be his C.I. Guyliner tells her she'll take a job at Macawi's strip club -- Club Caged.

Gramercy Park West: Malcolm goes to Henry "Tool Belt" Butler, of all people, to get help for Bridget, whom he is still pretending is Shiv. He tells Tool Belt that Martin/Charles isn't on the up and up, and that "Shiv" confronted Andrew. Malcolm is afraid Andrew will hurt "Shiv." Tool Belt says that's crazy, but still wonders why Malcolm would come to him. Mal admits that "Shiv" told him about her affair with Tool Belt. Henry's all, "It is over." Malcolm says he must have loved her once, and can't want her dead. As the only other person who knows the truth, maybe Tool Belt can persuade "Shiv" to put some distance between herself and Andrew.

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