You’re Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail

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Audience: Clearly, he doesn't realize that he's being lit such that he appears guilty as sin.

Recapper: Right? It's all very film noir, but so much so that it reinforces my opinion that Andrew isn't going to turn out to be all that bad -- just bad enough so that he can forgive Bridget if/when she comes clean with him. That said, I do wonder why the lighting director didn't go all the way and have him shine a flashlight under his chin.

Bridget: I don't really know what you people are talking about, but I've got to get the hell out of here, now.

Andrew: Shiv, if what I told you gets out, it will affect you, too. We've both spent Martin/Charles money.

Bridget: That's not what this is about. I just need a little time.

Siobhan calls Tool Belt and tells him about Tyler stealing the flash drive and going to NYC. She says Martin/Charles puts everyone up at the Soho Diamond, then tells Henry to get back the flash drive, however he can. She also wants to make sure Bridget and Tyler's paths don't cross. Henry thinks that's unlikely, but Shiv insists. Henry then tells her about Malcolm's visit, and that Malcolm and Bridget know Andrew has a secret he needs to protect. He figures Bridget knows about the Ponzi scheme. Shiv says, "That's good," but when Henry tells her that Malcolm is worried Bridget's life is in danger, Shiv is concerned. "That's not so good. Malcolm is getting way close to the truth. We can't have him around to protect Bridget." Henry's face looks disturbed by this, but he says nothing. Shiv: "We need Malcolm gone."

Bridget calls Claudine at Martin/Charles and lies that she's going to arrange another dinner with Tyler when he gets to town. Claudine informs her he'll be arriving at the Soho Diamond, tomorrow at noon.

In Casper, Wyoming, Guyliner and ATF Agent Conroy (Chad Michael Collins) are staking out a warehouse, because Agent Torrence wants to get Macawi on cigarette smuggling or something. It's all Why-oh-Why-Wyoming to me. Guyliner flashes back to Eleven months ago, outside Club Caged, in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Shaylene finishes her shift 40 minutes late and gets in his car. Oh, that's stealthy, Guyliner. No wonder this poor girl is going to get killed. Anyhow, it's clear from their talk (and smooching) that Guyliner and Shaylene are now involved. She says she has something to tell him (she's totally pregnant, right) but then he says he wants her to quit the case and run away with him. She doesn't want him to lose his career over her. Macawi has a party coming up tomorrow and wants Shaylene and Bridget to dance. Shaylene asks Guyliner to let her go back one more time, and points out that backing out might make Bodaway suspicious. Guyliner reluctantly agrees to the plan and then asks what her news is. Shaylene tells him it will keep, but assures him it isn't bad, and then there's more smooching.

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