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False Teeth and False Hope

And then Malcolm makes his move. He says that he, Eddie, and Reynold are tired of being on the outs, so he's going to make a move now. He pulls the other idol out of his pocket and gives it to Eddie. Probst is stunned. Cochran is shocked but also amused. Andrea, Dawn, and Sherri are like, "Fuck me sideways." Cochran sees the humor in it at least, and Eddie has a shit-eating grin on his face. Malcolm tells everyone that he has had the second idol for a while, but kept it a secret.

Probst stops the action for a second because even he is like what the fudge is going on. One important factor that I haven't reported yet is how the Stealth R Us alliance members are positioned. From Probst's perspective, from left to right, it goes Phillip, Brenda, Dawn, Andrea, Sherri, Erik, Cochran. Phillip and Brenda whisper and then tell Dawn to vote for Andrea. Andrea tells Dawn they should vote for Phillip. Who in the hell knows what Cochran and Erik and Sherri are doing down in the hinterlands.

Probst asks Malcolm what he wanted to say, and Malcolm says that his group has control of one vote only. Dawn compares herself to a "fainting sheep." Malcolm adds that he knows this one vote doesn't really change his alliance's position in the game, since they'll still be down in numbers after this vote, but he adds that the three of them are voting for Phillip, because he thinks Phillip makes the game not fun. Malcolm calls him "the fun sponge" because he sucks all the fun out of the game.

Meanwhile, as Malcolm is talking, Brenda keeps urging Dawn to vote out Andrea and tells everyone down the line. The problem is that Andrea is sitting next to Dawn, so Dawn can't pass the word down the line to Sherri, Cochran, and Erik, and they need at least one of them to get the four votes needed. Phillip disagrees with Malcolm's assessment of his game, of course.

Andrea says that she's been a target before, and she doesn't know if she can believe that the bro-lliance is voting for Phillip, so she's scared. Erik points out what seems obvious, but I wasn't thinking about it: just because Malcolm and Eddie are wearing idols doesn't mean that they will play them. It would be in their interest to keep at least one. Phillip says that he thinks they should keep the vote as planned, and if it means he goes home, then so be it. Probst wants Cochran's thoughts, and he says the Survivor fan in him is psyched about how exciting this Tribal Council is, but he knows that the vote will be a gamble. Probst wants to know if Dawn thinks the bro-lliance is trying to misdirect and actually have different voting plans. Dawn says it's possible. Malcolm shoots Erik a look and Erik gives him a big nod. I missed that the first time.

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