Zipping Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

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False Teeth and False Hope

Probst says that the three big questions are who will the bro-lliance give their three votes to, who will the seven others vote for, and will Malcolm and Eddie really play their idols.

Here's an interesting wrinkle that a few people brought up in the forums. What if, instead of all voting for Phillip, the bro-lliance each voted for one person. Like throw one vote each to Dawn, Andrea, and Phillip or whatever other combination makes sense. Then it would be a tie, and on the revote, the remaining members of the Stealth R Us alliance would have to vote out one of their own instead of keeping their hands clean by voting for people who have immunity. That could cause some cracks to appear that the bro-lliance might be able to leverage going forward.

Anyway, they vote. The one surprising vote that we see is that Erik votes for Phillip (or Fillup as he spells it), so is he secretly with the bro-lliance? Probst tallies the votes. Probst asks for any idols to be played, and Eddie and Malcolm both play their idols, so any votes cast for them will not count.

Probst reads the votes. Malcolm gets the first two, and Eddie gets the next four. None of those count. The following three are for Phillip. Probst doesn't read the last vote, which was also for Phillip, because it didn't matter, since Phillip is voted out. I just wonder if people will do the math and figure out that Erik flipped his vote. And will the idols be rehidden? Who will win immunity next time? This is the first time in a long time that I have no idea what will happen next episode. It's exciting!

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