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The Zone Diet

Back in the PZ. The sun is! Clark wakes up just in time to get kicked in the gut by Desert Rose. She grabs him by the jacket lapels. Hey, only members are allowed to do that! "Where are you from? WHERE!?" she asks. Clark says that he was born on Krypton and raised on Earth. Kicked it a little in Compton, but still down with the LBC. "Earth?" asks Desert Rose. Yeah, little screwed-up planet. The one the Vogons are planning on paving over. "Kal-El?" she asks. "Kicked me in the gut?" Clark wonders. He lowers his eyebrows. The girl with the pretty eyes says, "I knew your father." You knew Bo Duke? Were you on Dukes Of Hazzard? Oh, wait. Other dad. Sorry. She opens her hand. She's holding a medallion with the Superman symbol on it. It's a necklace. That would totally be an awesome hood ornament. Dramatic music.

Zod is dragging Lana into a big warehouse. She asks where he's taking her, and tells him to let go. "Zod doesn't take orders. He gives them." Zod speaks in third person. Omar recaps that way sometimes. Lana asks what a "Zod" is. Is that like pogs? Lana sees the black Kryptonian ship. That finally shuts her up. But not for long. "Oh God. You're one of those things from that ship!" she says. "Aethyr and Nam-Ek?" he asks. No thanks. I just take cream and sugar. He says that those two were just foot soldiers here at his command. And boy, did those feet stink after traveling all the way from Krypton, ya dig? Lana tells the Lex inside that he's being controlled by Milton Fine and the ship, and that he has to fight it. Puny woman! Did you not hear Zod refer to himself in the third? Insolence! He should drive a sword through her hand for that. Zod says that Lex is gone. Lana says she doesn't believe that. Zod grabs her by the jaw and asks if she thinks he cares what a "primitive" like her thinks. Oh, great. Now she's gotta go scrub with Neutrogena again. Lana asks what he's doing with her if she's just a primitive. Zod says that she'll bear witness to the destruction of the human race. Can he get a witness? He says that it'll be the rebirth of Krypton. Ugh. Born-again Kryptonians can be a little pushy sometimes. "'Krypton'?" Lana asks. Zod says that it was a shining jewel in the vast, dark universe. So why'd ya blow it up, then, dick? Zod pulls Lana over to the ship and says that she'll play a part in its resurrection. He slaps a Lex hand on the front of the ship, and it lights up orange with Kryptonian symbols. Ooh, cool, it has a built-in Harmony remote. The ship spits out a rice cake-looking piece of glowing metal that floats in the air. Zod catches it. He looks at the interesting coaster. Lana shields her eyes as the ship flashes brightly, then disappears. Lana backs away. She starts to run, but Zod zips behind her. Lana gasps. Zod says there's no escape from what's about to happen. That's what I've been saying all summer about Season 6.

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