Shows on Netflix You Can Binge Watch During the Olympics

by Aly Semigran February 10, 2014 4:15 pm
Shows on Netflix You Can Binge Watch During the Olympics

For 16 days straight, world-class athletes from around the globe who have trained for years gather to... totally ruin our TV schedules and DVRs. And it's not just NBC's lineup that is put on hold while people perform in death-defying sports for an all-too-brief moment of glory. No, other channels put their shows on hiatus so they don't have to compete with the 2014 Winter Games. So if you're not glued to the drama going on in Sochi, the Olympics will feel like an awfully long two weeks. (Everything on the other channels is usually either a repeat or The Taste.) Thankfully, Netflix -- as is so often the case -- is at your rescue. If you're not an Olympics person (or simply need a break from all that spinning and luging), this is prime time to do some Netflix binging.

12 Days of Classic Christmas Episodes to Watch This Season

by Aly Semigran December 9, 2013 6:15 am
12 Days of Classic Christmas Episodes to Watch This Season

Forget Lords-a-Leaping or the Maids-a-Milking or whatever the heck Colly birds are. Since the 12 days of Christmas have three solid days at best (Day 5 of those Golden Rings sounds like a pretty good deal) we decided to pick an episode of television to correspond with each day instead. After all, the Christmas-themed episodes of shows like 30 Rock, M.A.S.H., and The O.C. are truly the gifts that keep on giving. So, all together now, here are the 12 Days of classic Christmas episodes to watch this and every season.

<I>Desperate Housewives</i>: Who’s Upgraded, Who’s Downgraded?

ABC's upcoming Mistresses may not actually have any major concrete connections with Desperate Housewives, but the parallels are obvious, given that they're both dark series about unhappy female friends struggling with their relationships. I'm not sure whether the series will be an upgrade or a downgrade of Desperate Housewives in its quality (though it won't have to work hard to beat the series finale), Mistresses has certainly inspired me to check in on how the working actors of Desperate Housewives are getting along. Basically, what I've learned is this: Either join the cast of Mad Men, land a starring role of Dallas or live in TV purgatory:

Catching Up with United States of Tara Alumni

by Rachel Stein January 24, 2013 4:12 pm
Catching Up with <I>United States of Tara</i> Alumni

I've long been a devout fan of United States of Tara, a show that maybe could have succeeded if a few more people were able to get over their Diablo Cody hang-ups and move past the fact that the show took liberties with dissociative identity disorder in order to, you know, be a fictional series about a struggling family. Whatever. On a more pleasant note, I've noticed former U.S. of Tara players all over my TV screen later, and for my fellow fans, here's what the Gregsons and their friends are up to just in case you've missed them.

Best Week Ever: Other VH1 Reality Shows We Want Back

by Rachel Stein January 16, 2013 7:00 am
<I>Best Week Ever</i>: Other VH1 Reality Shows We Want Back

We don't know what's more confusing: Why VH1 is bringing back Best Week Ever now, or why it was cancelled in the first place. We always enjoyed watching the pop culture show, and even read the fantastic Best Week Ever blog until it was shut down last June. We're happy it's coming back (assuming TPTB don't screw around with the original format too much) and hope that it's wildly successful so that the cabler will bring back these other recent -- we're not talking the Music First era, here -- gone-too-soon programs:

Five Reasons To Watch the Animated <i>Hobbit</i> Instead of the New Movie

We're big fans of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first of three films based on J.R.R. Tolkien's classic novel The Hobbit. But just in case you don't want to spend three hours (plus an additional two movies) in Middle-earth, you can experience the same story in a significantly shorter form via the 1977 animated telefilm of The Hobbit.

The Disturbing Secret Message of Boy Meets World

by Rachel Stein November 5, 2012 1:37 pm
The Disturbing Secret Message of <i>Boy Meets World</i>

While the rest of the '90s nostalgia-obsessed Internet is reveling in the idea of Disney Channel's recently announced Boy Meets World sequel series, we're not quite so optimistic. Don't get me wrong -- I re-watched just about the entire original Boy Meets World run on MTV2 this spring, and would watch the hell out of this proposed adorably-titled Girl Meets World, especially if Cory and Topanga are actually called back as the parents of the titular preteen girl. But looking back (or, if you also seriously watched two hours of Boy Meets World five days a week for four months) (and once again got totally creeped out by Fred Savage sexually harassing Topanga) (and saw Mr. Turner, remembered him for the first time and then laughed when they completely forgot about him after his motorcycle accident), Boy Meets World was not the wholesome, perfect series so many of my fellow fans seem to recall. And I don't just mean in terms of everything horrible happening to Shawn, that time Eric taped Rachel without her knowledge, adult Mr. Feeny all but stalking Cory and his friends or the now-obvious Christian indoctrination weaved throughout this show -- all of which, to be clear, doesn't make the show less wholesome, just a little bit stranger to see now -- I'm talking about the emotional center of the show: Cory and Topanga's relationship.

<i>Best Friends Forever</i>: What We’ll Miss about the Best Cancelled Sitcom of the 2011-12 Season

While there are many already-canned shows from the 2011-2012 TV season that we won't miss, Best Friends Forever is decidedly not one of them. The NBC series only seemed to improve from the fairly strong pilot and I think it wrongly got clumped together with the season's gender-obsessed failures like Are You There, Chelsea? and Man Up!, just because it featured two adult female friends and a slightly overwhelmed dude. In reality, BFF was a fun and promising series that deserved a bit more room to breathe. NBC will be burning the last few episodes off next month, so before the network officially puts a pin in it, here's what I'll miss about the show.

Before Alcatraz, There Was… The 4400

by Ethan Alter January 17, 2012 5:25 pm
Before <i>Alcatraz</i>, There Was… <i>The 4400</i>

A reported 10 million viewers tuned into the premiere of Fox's new paranormal procedural Alcatraz, which finds a San Francisco homicide detective (Sarah Jones) teaming up with an Alcatraz expert (Jorge Garcia) and an FBI agent (Sam Neill) to investigate the bizarre reappearance of a group of prisoners who disappeared from The Rock some 50 years ago under mysterious circumstances. It's a great hook for a show... as anyone who watched The 4400 during its four season run in the mid-aughties knows.

Arrested Development: The Characters We Want to Revisit

by TWoP Staff November 21, 2011 5:11 pm
<I>Arrested Development</i>: The Characters We Want to Revisit

Frankly, we've been weary of writing about the alleged revival of Arrested Development. The series has a history of claiming to return from the dead, only to shatter the hearts of extremely fragile fans, to say the least. Now that the cast and creators have publicly announced a return, and that Netflix has reportedly picked up the rights to new episodes, we finally feel comfortable breaking our silence with a list of minor characters we very truly hope to see again after all this time, presented without comment just in case we find out in a couple of days that this has all been some kind of cruel, sick joke.

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