Why Absolutely Fabulous Lived Up to Its Title

Did anyone really believe this pair of gin-soaked women was gone for good? Jennifer Saunders recently announced that she will be penning a few more Absolutely Fabulous episodes for the BBC this summer, which can't come soon enough. We're dying to know what Saffy and (not so) baby Lola have been up to. And Is Gran still around? What's Bubble wearing now? What religion are Bo and Marshall this year? One thing is for certain, though: Eddy and Patsy will be exactly the same -- drunk, drugged and fabulously deviant. Here's our fond look at the signature AbFab traits we can't wait to see make a return to television.

Cocaine, Gin, a Spot of Vodka
The AbFab duo was known for their copious amounts of alcohol and drugs, while food is a foreign concept. It was so rare that Patsy eats something that she celebrates the New Year by ingesting solids, while Eddy never grocery shopped. Instead of stocking up on milk and fruit, she built a mechanical specialized refrigerator to carry and dispense large amounts of incredibly expensive champagne. And these aren't the kind of women who take Tylenol when they feel a headache coming on; they drink cheap vodka. And their affection for pills was most hilarious when Patsy thought the police were coming to invade Eddy's home - she was seen flushing cocaine down the toilet, ingesting tons of illegally prescribed pills and accidentally sitting on a few loaded injecting needles. How can you just no to all that?

Darling! Sweetheart! Parralox!
Much credit is due to Jennifer Saunders for the witty and clever banter that Patsy and Eddy volleyed back and forth. For example, Patsy upon spying Eddy asleep: "Look at her... like a beached whale in designer sheets." Or Patsy after she thought she has a bug bite: "The last mosquito that bit me had to check into the Betty Ford Clinic." The dialogue plays off of their characters and their characters play off of each other. Even AbFab's supporting characters got plenty of hilarious moments of their own, like Bo and Marshall, famous for switching religions every time we saw them, deciding to become Orthodox Jews and suddenly singing "Papa, can you hear me?" from Yentl.

Jane Horrocks practically stole the show as Eddy's assistant, Bubble. This zany character was always sporting some outrageous and tawdry fashions, even once getting compared to a Teletubbie. She was so dedicated to her job that when the ladies went to France, Bubble dressed as Napoleon. Of course, no one ever confused her for smart - she didn't know what New Year's was and had to be taught how to take notes with pink fairy star pen. Bubble also had strange obsessions and random bursts of energy, like when she fell in love with the musical production of Disney's The Lion King and started chanting in Swahili.

Saffron vs. Eddy
These two had to have one of the most heated mother/daughter relationships television has ever seen. Eddy depended on Saffron for basic needs... like food, water and shelter. Eddy couldn't even work a can opener when her daughter headed off to school. Meanwhile, Saffy could depend on Eddy if she ever needed to let loose and drink a bottle or four of champagne. Their dysfunction culminated hilariously when Saffy wrote a play about her childhood and it ended up becoming a hit comedy with drag queens playing Patsy and Eddy's characters.

Low Brow High Fashion
Part of the comedy of this hit show was built on how much the women believed that they represented the epitome of high fashion. With hairstyles that hadn't left the 1980s, Patsy and Eddy sported the most gaudy, tired-looking, trashy outfits in almost every episode. (In the famous Paris episode, Eddy sported a sweater with bunches of bananas over her chest.) It's no wonder frumpy and frugal Saffy looked down on her mother for wearing a tight-fitting orange jumpsuit with the designer name "LaCroix" in gold letters chained across her neck. Of course, Saffy, who dressed as a schoolmarm, was no match for Eddy and Patsy's leopard top hats, poufy hair and denim jackets, accompanied by smeared makeup and red lipstick, naturally.

What do you think? What do you want to see return to Absolutely Fabulous?

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