Private Practice: Season 1

by Angel Cohn September 16, 2008 4:40 pm
Private Practice: Season 1

To say I was biased going into the watching of the bonus features on Private Practice's DVD set (available today)... would be fair. I love the character of Addison from Grey's Anatomy, in fact, she was probably one of my favorite characters on that show, so I happily/blindly followed her to sunnier pastures in LA. I wasn't impressed. It's not the worst show in the world. But this has an amazing cast, and good creators, so I just expected it to be better somehow. That said, I didn't love the first mini-season of Grey's either, but I keep watching it... so maybe there is hope.

Anyway, if you live under a rock, Addison (Kate Walsh) ditched Seattle Grace and moved to LA to join the Oceanside Wellness Group, which is primarily run by her college BFF Naomi (the amazing Broadway actress Audra McDonald). The joint is hopping with hottie docs (or midwives in training), including Tim Daly, Chris Lowell (of Veronica Mars fame), Paul Edelstein, Amy Brenneman and Taye Diggs, who all look very pretty and work together to solve medical cases.

There are only nine episodes, and while I didn't rewatch them all, the ones I did, I hated less this time around. It is like they are growing on me. The premiere is an extended episode, and even though I watched with the commentary, I only saw one scene that was new footage, and it was Addison dancing around foolishly in a towel. Because everyone needs more of that. The commentary was fun though. It was Grey's creator Shonda Rimes, with exec. producer Betsy Beers and Kate Walsh. Sure there was talk about casting and lighting and stuff, but the majority of the chatter was about how hot the guys on this show are. Oh, and I discovered the most of the handbags on this show are faux (looking great doesn't have to be expensive, ladies.) They practically spit drool through the screen when they spot Taye Diggs and call the Lowell "spicy" and Daly "steamy." I began to see how those nicknames on Grey's evolved. Best quote is about Diggs and how nice he smells: "he's a man who bathes." I also learned that Shonda Rimes's stomach doesn't growl. Ever. But Beers and Walsh more than make up for this.

There are a couple other eps. with commentary. One with Brenneman and Edelstein, and another with Lowell and Diggs, who more than make up for the guy oogling in the premiere, by discussing the ladies on this show at length during the finale. They take time to truly admire Kadee Strickland (who runs the nearby hospital). Though they try and be fair and balanced by jokingly discussing Edelstein. Diggs: "Paul's got a nice hairy chest. He keeps in shape." OK then. They have a great banter between them, which mostly ends up with Lowell being all self-depreciating, but at least he knows that he had bad highlights. Own it. It's OK. It's happened to the best of us.

Aside for the commentaries there are some other features. First up, "Kate Walsh: Practice Makes Perfect." You have to be a really devote Walsh fan to sit through all of this lovefest. It's her family and friends talking about her. Everything from her birth to getting the gig on Private Practice. Including Walsh reciting from a play she wrote in middle school. It's ... for true die-hard fans who really wanted to see what she looked like at age 6. Then there's "Alternative Ensemble: Behind the Scenes of Private Practice." Which is misleading, because as much as I could suffer through, wasn't exactly behind-the-scenes, it was more like, this is how we put together the cast, and here's what my character is like, interviews and such. Whatever. It's missable.

There's also the obligatory deleted scenes, though they are OK. If you really can handle more of this show after watching nine episodes straight. And then Bloopers, which are silly, goofy... as you'd expect, and show what Taye's character Sam really saw when Addison dropped her towel at the window in the premiere. Nothing earth-shattering, but it does look like a fun place to work.

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