Pushing Daisies: Season 1

by DeAnn Welker September 11, 2008 4:20 pm
Pushing Daisies: Season 1

The first thing you'll notice about the Pushing Daisies first season DVD is that underneath the totally expected cardboard sleeve with Lee Pace and Anna Friel on the cover are an inner case and liner notes that look like a diner menu from the 1950s. Oh, and the actual discs? Look like pies! Very sweet, and we're just getting started.

Each of the three discs includes three of the season's nine episodes, but Disc 3 contains all of the special features... or, wait, make that THE special feature, since there is only one. (Unless you're counting the ability to turn the pre-episode "Previously on..." segment on and off, in which case, don't count that. You'll only be cheating yourself.)

Said special feature is Pie Time: Time for Pie (redundant much?). It's essentially a featurette about the series, but it's set up as a rather cute pie table. You select a pie that correlates to an episode of the show, and then you can select from several different slices of pie for said episode, each one containing a different clip of cast and crew interviews interspersed with clips of the show. The only problem with the setup is that you select an episode, and then there's no description about what you'll be getting with each pie slice. It would be nice if they were titled, so that if you wanted to watch a segment about, say, how they came up with the show, you'd know to select a specific slice of the "Pie-Lette" strawberry pie. Or if you were interested in how they got Molly Shannon, you could watch a specific slice of "Bitter Sweets" kiwi pie. It also would be nice if you could select "View All" and watch all of the clips together. Instead, you actually must watch them short clip by short clip. There's no other alternative. While there's lots of good material here, it's a pretty frustrating experience wading through it all, because you can't just sit back and relax; you must be sitting remote-in-hand, ready to flip to the next clip.

Oh, and there's a preview of the second season to start Disc 3, but it's made up of clips from the first season, with a voiceover from Jim Dale indicating there will be more mysteries and plot development next season. If only he'd also added that the second season DVD set would have more special features, I'd be sold already.

It's disappointing that a series this good couldn't come up with a better DVD set. Clearly they have the creative minds. Doubt it? Just watch the show. Or look at the DVD packaging. Maybe they should have focused more on the contents of the DVD and less on the packaging. Because as much fun as it is to call my discs "Apple Pie," "Berry Pie," and "Pumpkin Pie" instead of Disc 1, 2, and 3, respectively, I think I'd rather have boring-looking discs with more fun extras.




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