War, Inc.

by Zach Oat October 21, 2008 12:18 pm
War, Inc.

I wasn't expecting great things from War, Inc., a satire about the perma-war in Iraq, where military operations are run by the same contractor who rebuilds everything. But I enjoyed the hell out of it, mostly because it was pretty much a remake of Gross Pointe Blank, complete with hitman John Cusack, assistant Joan Cusack and an appearance by Dan Aykroyd, with the added benefit of a hilarious Ben Kingsley, a tarted-up Hillary Duff and Marisa Tomei in the Minnie Driver role. So I was sad that there were absolutely zero extras on the disk. Not one. No director's commentary, no Cusack commentary, no gallery of all the fake ads they designed, no greenscreen footage of Cusack driving before they dropped in the barely convincing street scenes... Nothing. Considering that the movie had a limited theatrical release, a ton of special effects work, and it also came out on Blu-Ray, it seems strange that the studio wouldn't put some extras on the disk to make it a more attractive package, and, y'know, actually make some money off this thing.

Buy it anyway.




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