Greek: Chapter 2

by DeAnn Welker January 5, 2009 10:09 am
Greek: Chapter 2

Greek has now officially released its entire first season on DVD with the release of Chapter Two. Try not to be confused: The first DVD release, Chapter One, was the first half of the first season, and this is the rest of that season. The second season just aired last fall and will probably be released sometime before the next season starts up. This new DVD set isn't packed with extras, but it has plenty of goodies to make it worth a Greek fan's while.

Disc 1's only special feature is commentary on the first (okay, eleventh) episode, "a New Normal," with executive producer Patrick Sean Smith and actors Senta Moses (Lizzie), Amber Stevens (Ashleigh), and Paul James (Calvin). Moses, who was in a handful of episodes, isn't one of the actors you'd think of to do a commentary for Greek, and it sort of shows. She doesn't add anything pertinent to do the discussion at all, but says things like "They have their Christmas lights on" and tells a story about falling in love with a guy because he stole a snow shovel. And none of these things are charming or endearing, because Moses has a voice that is exactly like Lizzie's voice. I think I might actually hate her as much as I hated her character, if that's possible. It was actually difficult to listen to the commentary, despite Smith and James being somewhat interesting (Stevens didn't say much at all), because of Moses's annoying additions to the conversation. And the fact that she laughed at everything everyone else said. Thank GOD she left the show, so we won't have to suffer through further commentaries with her, right? If she had done more than one commentary, I might have had to stick a fork in my eye or something. Couldn't they have gotten Clark Duke (Dale) instead? He's an actual cast member, and he's not on a commentary.

Disc 2 adds two more commentaries: On "Freshman Daze" (the episode with all of the flashbacks to freshman year) with executive producer Lloyd Segan, and actors Spencer Grammer (Casey), Scott Michael Foster (Cappie), Tiffany DuPont (Frannie), and late late arrival Jake McDorman (Evan), who comes in about 32 minutes into the episode. This is a really fun, lively commentary. You'd think it would be too many people in one commentary, but it actually works, because they're all fun and clearly enjoy each other's company. There's good info: Segan gives us a bit of a hint into the future -- that Evan might actually be nice, Kappa Tau Evan again. But it's mostly levity, such as: There is a funny moment when Foster sees a scene inside the sorority that he knows nothing about, and then he tells viewers that the guys know nothing about the girls' scenes. Segan points out he might if he read the script. It's all in good fun, but basically makes me think Foster is just like Cappie, so now I love him forever. Plus, when he sings karaoke in the episode, we learn that in real life he sings karaoke constantly. Yet another reason to love him. Oh, and yes, I am a 12-year-old girl. The best thing about this commentary is that you can really tell they're all friends. The worst thing is that they sometimes talk over each other like any group of friends. But it's worth it for the fun stuff, and the few bits of fun information (about ADR -- additional dialogue recording -- and what they wear on their shoes for clicking high heel sounds, etc.)

The other commentary on the disc is on "47 Hours & 11 Minutes," with executive producers Shawn Piller and Patrick Sean Smith, along with actors Jacob Zachar (Rusty) and Dilshad Vadsaria (Rebecca Logan). They quickly reveal that Smith, a writer on the show, stuck around for this commentary after doing the first one because it was taped during the writers' strike, so he had a lot of time to do things like commentaries. The episode also was finished during the strike, so Smith -- who wrote the episode -- didn't get to finish it up, even though this was an important episode to him (because it was the episode when freshmen parents visited). This is a more quiet commentary, but it's still interesting. With two writers/producers, you get a lot more information about how it all came together and less of the fun squeeing from the previous two commentaries. It's not as fun or funny, but definitely more informative.

Disc 3 is where all of the non-commentary extras are, though strangely there are no additional commentaries on this disc, so it still ends up feeling lighter than the other discs. Instead of commentaries, there's a flashback episode, outtakes, and a Plain White T's music video. Not exactly an ultimate collector's edition, but it'll do.

The "flashback episode," titled "And So It Begins," isn't actually an episode. It's a featurette about the making of the flashback episode, "Freshman Daze." It includes interviews with all principal cast members, and various producers. Coupled with the commentary on Disc 2, this feels like way too much focus on one episode. It would have been more fun to have an actual flashback episode looking back at the whole season of Greek, or a featurette that's about more than just the one episode.

The blooper reel is much better. It's only three minutes long and has a lot of the same scenes over and over, but that's mostly because Clark Duke apparently ad-libs like crazy, sending everyone into hysterics, including anyone watching the bloopers. And we get to see Frannie falling down the stairs in her high heels, which was much discussed in the commentary on "Freshman Daze."

The Plain White T's video, "Natural Disaster," isn't a TV show tie-in video or anything, so it was kind of surprising they included it... except for the fact that the Plain White T's are in at least half of the episodes of Greek to date, going all the way back to the beginning. There's also a code inside the DVD set to get a bonus song from Plain White T's . Okay, I admit, it's possibly a (slight) exaggeration that they're in half the episodes, but they're in often enough that it's noticeable, so that's something; they're, like, the official band of Greek. I can think of worse gigs for a band (or bands for a show, for that matter).

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