Beetlejuice: 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition You know how every few years Hollywood decides a well-liked movie that's been out on DVD for a while will make even more money if re-packaged and renamed as a "Special" or "Deluxe" edition, even though the new version is not even close to "special" or "deluxe"? Yeah, that's pretty much what we have going on here. If you already own Beetlejuice on DVD or you don't and you see a cheaper one than this available, do not buy this "Deluxe Edition." Let me tell you why.

"3 Hilarious Episodes from the Animated Beetlejuice TV Series"
I'm for real here, that's what this feature is called. I couldn't even tolerate this awful cartoon as a child, so I can't imagine being able to put up with it now as an adult.

Music-Only Audio Track
Are you ready for this? This feature enables you to watch the film with only the score playing, and no pesky actor dialogue or diagetic sounds of any kind. It's like Beetlejuice: The Danny Elfman Music Video. Danny Elfman's scores are beautiful of course, and important staples of Tim Burton's films and style, but c'mon. I could buy the soundtrack and play the movie on mute to achieve this experience.

Theatrical Trailers
The original Beetlejuice trailer, but more importantly the Pee Wee's Big Adventure trailer is included too! OK, that is kind of awesome, but it's also what Youtube is for. This DVD is a waste everyone's time and money.

Buy it now, if you must.




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