The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

Watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 tends to leave viewers with the feeling that everyone involved is sort of tired of the series ... already. (There are four books in the series, so you'd hope they still have at least a couple more movies left in them.) Now the bad news: Watching the DVD isn't going to change anyone's mind about the cast and crew's feelings about the movies. After all, there is practically nothing here as far as special features. What's here is good, but it'll leave you feeling like no one cared enough to make anything extra for the DVD. Everything that's here feels like leftovers from TV marketing (featurette) or filming (deleted scenes, gag reel). And nothing is longer than five minutes.

The featurette, called "Go Jump Off A Cliff," bills itself as a behind-the-scenes, making-of documentary, but it's barely more than four minutes long, and teaches viewers two things, at most. 1. They went to Santorini because all of the other girls were jealous that Alexis Bledel got to go there in the first movie. 2. The climactic cliff-jumping scene was the girls' idea and demonstrates how brave and free they are. You know, because jumping off a 15-foot cliff is so scary and dangerous. It's nice to hear how much the girls loved working together and were happy to reunite. Can we have more of that, please? You know... more of the actual making of the movie, instead of patching together a four-minute video just so you can add an extra to your product details?

The gag reel will make you ask yourself if they were lying about how much fun they had on set, because it won't make you laugh much at all. If they can't muster up some full-one belly laughs in a four-minute gag reel from the making of a semi-comedy, you have to wonder if they even know what's funny. (And, really, the movie won't convince you that they do.)

Finally, there are the additional scenes, which include introductions of each one by director Sanaa Hamri. Hamri talks like her audience is made up of six-year-olds, which... granted, some people that age probably watch this movie, but those who understand the movie could understand her even if she didn't talk to us like we're in kindergarten. This is the one extra that will make you feel like they actually cared about the movie, though, since Hamri participated at all. The scenes are actually worth watching, if you can stand Hamri talking down to you. What's unintentionally hilarious is that Hamri talks, a scene starts, it jumps back to Hamri talking and it feels like she's mid-sentence and never stopped talking. They might have asked her to actually stop at a good spot instead of making it seem so awkward. But, then, the whole thing feels awkward, so I guess it's consistent. It would have been nice to be able to opt out of watching these with the introductions, or to choose to watch one scene at a time, but it's only about five minutes total (for all four scenes, plus Hamri's talking), so you can probably suffer through the awkward talk.

Hamri and/or someone from the cast should have done a commentary here. I think Hamri might have been more comfortable and chatty if she hadn't been in front of the camera, or if she had other people to talk about it with instead of reading cue cards. Most of this feels like they just threw some things together so they could say the DVD has "special features." And, okay, I'll give them "features," but they're really not that special.

Still interested? No? Buy it now anyway!




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