Tom Cruise May Enter Danger Zone

by DeAnn Welker July 21, 2008 12:47 pm
Tom Cruise May Enter Danger Zone

If Tom Cruise's publicist is looking for a quick fix for the bad media buzz he's gotten in recent years, someone has found the answer: Rumors are buzzing that Cruise has been asked to dust off his pilot's wings for a Top Gun sequel.

The supposed premise of the sequel would be that Cruise's character, Maverick -- 22 years older, obviously -- is an instructor at the same Naval flight school he attended in the 1986 film. This time, though, the instructor's dealing with a young, cocky pilot much like he used to be, only this one's female. It's Top Gun for a new generation! After all, the women in the first film were all love interests and/or eye candy -- even Kelly McGillis' cougarish flight instructor, Charlie.

It's hard to buy that Maverick would have been able to stay an instructor for a year, let alone 22, with his temper and arrogance, but I still say this sequel is one of the better ideas lately to bring back an older film. First of all, it's Top Gun! It made Tom Cruise "Tom Cruise," you know? If anything can bring him back to the position of beloved movie star, it's playing Maverick, right? Plus, who wouldn't like to see if Maverick and Charlie worked out? And I'm sure McGillis needs the work. Now, if we could just find a way to work Iceman (Val Kilmer) into the plot, the movie would be complete.

In other words, I haven't lost that loving feeling when it comes to Top Gun. (Sorry, but you know I had to go there.) Have you?




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