Of Rhinestones and Pink Tuxedos

by Kasey McDonald September 11, 2008 3:07 pm
Of Rhinestones and Pink Tuxedos

For those out there that have always wanted to see Michael Douglas in rhinestones, fur and pink (all at the same time), your dreams will come true in the not-too-distant future. Hey... Where'd everybody go? I was just trying to let them know that Michael Douglas has signed on to star in the upcoming Steven Soderbergh biopic about Liberace. It's true--Liberace himself had a lower hairline than Mr. Douglas currently does, but like I tell my boyfriend, oh my god, please wipe the crumbs off the counter. Also: It takes a real man to wear pink. Douglas will comb his hair forward, don the pink tuxedo and maybe even keep the counters clean as Mr. Showbiz for his Traffic director.

The project won't be Soderbergh's next. Before Liberace, he'll helm a call girl story titled The Girlfriend Experience in a six picture deal he made with 2929 Entertainment to direct low budget films for multiple platform release (the first of which was 2005's Bubble). When he does make Liberace, Warner Brothers will hold the purse strings, and it's said they are currently in talks with Matt Damon to star as Scott Thorson, the man who sued Liberace for palimony and settled out of court, despite Liberace's lifelong insistence that he was heterosexual.

As a longtime Reno 911 fan, I can only say that when this film is released, I hope Liberace's piano makes a continent-wide tour of movie theaters as a promotion. Because on the show, Liberace's piano could supernaturally grant wishes and I've got a backlog from birthday candles, errant eyelashes and shooting stars I can't see with today's light pollution. None of them really involve Soderbergh or Damon, but I've always kind of wished that Jewel of the Nile never happened.




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