God Bless America Ferrera, Because She Clearly Needs Some Heavenly Guidance

When we heard that America Ferrera's TV show Ugly Betty was getting cancelled, we were happy for her, because that meant the talented actress would be able to go off and do something a little more challenging and less goofy than Betty. At the very least, the beautiful Ferrera would no longer be saddled with braces, big glasses and garish clothes. But her latest movie doesn't give us a lot of hope for the future. In the snoozingly titled Our Family Wedding, Ferrera plays a bride-to-be whose impending marriage is threatened by her father's rivalry with the father of the groom, who is Black, and also Forest Whitaker. Hilarity ensues, grandmothers faint and Whitaker and Regina King have a cake fight. Basically, the movie looks like a rehash of several other terrible films (Guess Who?, The In-Laws), and we had hoped that Ferrera was better than that. Here are some things we'd like to see her do in the future, all of which we might actually be interested in watching, unlike her latest movie.

1. Do More Straight-Up Romances
There may be romance in My Family Wedding, but there is also Carlos Mencia. Maybe Ferrera should dip her toes into leading-role-dom by doing a more straight-up romantic comedy? We're tired of seeing Katherine Heigl and Jennifer Aniston in them, but Ferrera would be a breath of fresh air, especially when not stifled by Mencia's fart jokes.

2. Re-Conquer TV in a Drama
With her looks, chops and built-in fan base, Ferrera could easily carry a new TV show, and this time we'd like to see her taken a little more seriously. We can totally picture her as a lawyer, wearing a smart suit and taking on the cases no one else will. Or how about a rookie FBI agent who gets drawn into a mysterious conspiracy? Just spitballing here.

3. Become a Superhero
There are plenty of brunette superheroines out there, so why not slip into the spandex and get some of that super-money, along with the superfans that come with it? The Huntress helps Batman out sometimes, and would be a great addition to the next Dark Knight. The Wasp and the Scarlet Witch are both Avengers, and neither seems to have been cast for the 2012 movie. And, of course, Wonder Woman is still hypothetically appearing in a hypothetical Justice League movie. While she's a little short for the role (5-foot-1), we can think of worse people to play the star-spangled Amazon than a woman named "America."

4. Show a Little Mercy
While we know she could carry a series on her own, Ferrera would be a great addition to the nurse dramedy Mercy. We weren't huge fans at first, but the show has grown on us, and they recently brought on Dawson's Creek alum James Van Der Beek to play a doctor, so they're obviously willing to bring on a big name to bolster their ranks.

5. Keep Them Pants Travelin'
Amber Tamblyn's cop series The Unusuals was canceled. Alexis Bledel is doing a Sleepaway Camp movie. And Blake Lively... okay, she's going to be in the big Green Lantern flick, but we bet she'd still be wiling to re-unite with Ferrera at least one more time to make another Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie. As the girls get older, they can wear their fancy pants through dangerous war zones, into hidden temples where cultists worship monkey-gods, and onto airplanes where there are also snakes. It's time those pants saw a little action!

What do you think America Ferrera should do? Shed some grace on us below.




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