<i>Star Wars</i>: The Comedy Series? Don’t Make Us Laugh

It seems like George Lucas has finally grown tired of other people making fun of his creations, both with and without his permission, and has decided to do it himself. Lucasfilm will create an animated comedy series based on the Star Wars franchise, with the help of the Robot Chicken creators, who have already done two one-off parodies of their own. Although, when you think about it, it's amazing that anyone finds anything to joke about in this bleak, depressing series of films. The movies have light moments, sure, but they mostly deal with such ponderous topics as war, betrayal, genocide, patricide, incest, amputation, manipulation, bureaucracy, mental disability and dying in childbirth. If Star Wars can inspire this much comedy, then why not other depressing films? We came up with some comedic TV pitches for some of our favorite gloomy films and think we've got a few winners.

Bad Lieutenant
Premise: Lieutenant Stevie Pruit has a reputation as a bad police officer. Of course, it's usually the doing of his mischievous partner Terrence McDonaugh, but try telling that to his angry captain! What he really wants to do is quit the LAPD and start up a yogurt stand, but until he pays off his bookie or convinces his girlfriend to quit hooking, he's stuck being a cop in one of the worst precincts in Los Angeles.
Pilot: When McDonaugh starts an impromptu donut fight, the powdered sugar on Pruit's suit makes everyone at the station think he's hooked on the nose candy.

Friday the 13th
Premise: Tommy Jarvis is unlucky. Born on Friday the 13th, not a day goes by that some aspect of his life doesn't spiral hilariously out of control! Be it his love life, his family life or his minimum-wage job at the Fry-U-Later, he's always trying to dig himself out of a hole. Luckily, he's got a friend in his hulking co-worker, fry cook Jason Voorhees. Jason may not say much, and Tommy has never actually seen his face, but he's always there to lend a hand when Tommy needs it.
Pilot: After leaving a misleading message on his girlfriend's answering machine, Tommy needs Jason's help to break into her apartment and erase it.

Premise: Kevin Flynn was working late on a computer program he'd written when he was accidentally digitized and beamed into the Internet! Stuck in the virtual world with no money, he's forced to sign up with a temp folder agency, taking a series of odd jobs (sorting e-mail, acting in animated greeting cards) in order to earn enough to get back to the real world. Luckily, his fellow temp file friends Tron and Yori are there to make even the most mundane work seem fun.
Pilot: Stranded at the USB station with no credits, Flynn is hired by a few shady characters to do some illegal hacking.

Kill Bill
Premise: Beatrix Kiddo is a divorced mom with a four-year-old daughter named B.B., trying to make ends meet as a small-town martial arts instructor. Her life gets more complicated, however, when her ex-husband -- and former assassination squad leader -- Bill moves in next door with his new wife, Elle. Can Beatrix's new romance with B.B.'s art teacher survive with Bill next door, and will her crazy former co-assassin O-Ren be a shoulder to lean on or a source of more drama?
Pilot: Beatrix meets B.B.'s art teacher and is instantly smitten, then runs into him again when she and O-Ren go out for a night on the town. But will O-Ren sink her claws into him before Beatrix can get in a shot? Also, new neighbor Bill scares off B.B.'s babysitter.

Fight Club
Premise: Every Friday night, John Smith and his crazy group of friends drink, swap stories, and then beat each other up, and John always ends up passed out on the floor. And every Saturday morning, John wakes up to find out that the group, led by a member he's never met named Tyler Durden, came up with and executed some insane, property-destroying plan while he was unconscious. After learning about the group's misadventures in flashback, John somehow has to undo the damage that was done the night before.
Pilot: After a night of complaining about his day job to his buddies, John wakes up to find the prototype electric car from his car company's showroom in his living room.

Read our list of the most unnecessary sequels, then let us know what dark movie you want to see made into a comedy series below.

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