<I>The Winning Season</i>: Sam Rockwell’s Greatest, Strangest Roles

Sam Rockwell is one of Hollywood's most charismatic typecast weirdos, and though he's staying in fairly ordinary territory in his new movie The Winning Season (he plays a loser who has to coach girls basketball), it's far more fun to focus on his nuttier side -- the wigs are better, and there's dancing for all. On that note, behold, Sam Rockwell's strangest roles.

Zaphod Beeblebrox, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Sci-fi brings out the weird in almost everyone, so maybe it's not that strange that Zaphod had two heads (one of which spoke in a George W. Bush impression for no reason whatsoever) and accidentally signed Earth's destruction orders with "Love and Kisses, Zaphod." But the way he pulls off white shag boots and a matching pimp coat? Strangely impressive.

Bronco/Brutus, Gentlemen Broncos
A role that called for two very different performances from Rockwell, one a bearded hill person with an ocelot and a ray gun, the other a leotarded space tranny with a Gandalf wig, Gentlemen Broncos really brought out the best of Sam Rockwell's range and ability to put on ridiculous costumes.

Sam Bell, Moon
A clone on a space ship with an endless meat locker full of other clones and a Kevin Spacey-voiced HAL, Sam Bell was right to be a smidge upset when he found out that his clone immune system was deteriorating at a rapid clone speed -- that's just poor healthcare on behalf of his employer. Also, it's effing weird.

Chuck Barris, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
TV host by day, CIA "assassination enthusiast" by night, Chuck Barris was one delusional nutbar (or merely just an incredible storyteller), but who needs sanity when you've got those dance moves, right? People without awesome leisure suits, that's who. Luckily, he had those too.

The Kid, Box of Moon Light
Another one from the Sam-Rockwell-Dresses-Crazy-Vault, Box of Moon Light is a pretty good movie, actually, about a strange and slightly slow Southern lad (Rockwell) who likes to dress as Davy Crockett every day (of course) and give out-of-towners some damn perspective. Sadly, we don't recall him dancing, however.

Honorable Mention:
Wild Bill in The Green Mile. Lots of crazy (moonpie scene for the disturbing, very gross win), but I feel like I've seen crazy inmate guy a million times. Prison Break even had one, for chrissake.

Your favorite Sam Rockwell weirdos? Leave them in the comments, then see what else is coming out soon in our fall preview!




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