Hurry Up And Let the Right One In Again

by admin September 26, 2008 9:50 am
Hurry Up And Let the Right One In Again

Here at the Moviefile, we have a whole category just for remakes, reboots, and "reimaginings"--and it's stuffed pretty full. From Fame to Robocop and everything in between, there's a bountiful crop of reworked properties. As "old hat" as it can be to those of us with long enough memories (or long enough Netflix queues) to remember the originals, remaking the movies of yesteryear can make good financial sense for studios. A remake from a 20- or 30-year-old property can draw in brand-new young audiences, as well as the nostalgic viewers of the originals. For example, 24 years passed before Bedtime Story was remade as Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and now that another 20 years have passed, they're remaking the remake. But now Hammer Films and Overture Films are bucking the trend by remaking a movie that hasn't even been officially released yet. Talk about the Hammer striking while the iron is hot.

Let the Right One In -- Låt den rätte komma in in its original Swedish -- has been making the film festival rounds since January of this year. It's the haunting story of a young boy who meets a girl who only seems to be his age. Turns out she's a vampire, and, providing she has the blood she needs, she's immortal. The movie has been meeting with much critical acclaim, gobbling up awards from several of the festivals, including the Founders Award for best narrative feature from the Tribeca Film Festival. It was at Tribeca that Hammer bought the remake rights. According to Variety, "Overture is planning to release the remake next year."

The original movie doesn't even start to see regular release for another month. Maybe they're trying to grab a chunk of Twilight's teen and pre-teen audience. Otherwise, why the hurry? Is it almost dawn and the sun is due to come up on blood-sucking remakes?




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