2012 Foretells Apocalypse It's Destined To Bring About

Some of you may be familiar with the old trivia that the Mayan calendar ends in the year 2012 (on December 12th, to be exact) and that many predict the world's end will come with it. It's not a new theory -- scientists have been studying it since the beginning of the last century -- so it 's a bit of a surprise that it's taken this long for someone to make an apocalyptic movie based on the premise. Roland Emmerich, the director behind the tragically bad 10,000 BC is in preproduction on, wait for it... 2012.

The film, set to star John Cusack and Amanda Peet, has been wrapped in secrecy, which seems pretty stupid when you think about the fact that those that are familiar with the 12/12/12 Mayan calendar myth already know your major plot point (Apocalypse!), and those that aren't familiar with it probably aren't going to get the allure. In any event, Dark Horizons is reporting that Latino Review (MAJOR spoilers in that link, folks) has an in-depth look at the film's $200 million storyline.

I won't go into detail for those planning on seeing the epic, but I will tell you that Latino Review was not impressed. Says the reviewer, "This is an almost completely by-the-numbers disaster movie, featuring all the requisite dubious science, silly and implausible set-pieces, narrative clichés, broad, one-dimensional characters, and heavy handed attempts at emotion and morals that one would expect from the genre...there is really no aspect of this film that we haven't already seen in dozens of other action, sci-fi, and disaster blockbusters. It is so steeped in predictability, ridiculousness, and cliché that it borders on self-parody." Sounds familiar.

I don't know that I'm sold on the 12/12/12 apocalypse. I'm much more willing to believe that the film world isn't about to end by imploding on itself with the weight of one crappy movie on top of another. If this reviewer's prediction comes true, 2012 could be the straw that breaks Hollywood's back.




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