Quantum of Injury

by Kasey McDonald June 12, 2008 11:40 am
Quantum of Injury If you thought being James Bond was dangerous, you should try playing him on screen. Yet another accident has been reported from the set of Quantum of Solace, with reports that Daniel Craig was injured when the tip of one of his fingers was cut off during an action sequence.

With the spate of car accidents that hit the set several months ago, one would think the production had hit its quota of Things That Could Go Wrong. Personally, I'm one of those Bad Things Happen in Threes people, so when I first read the headline about Craig's injury, I went in to the article a little relieved that the rest of the film's production -- even if Craig's injury had nothing to do with a car -- would probably go on without incident. You can imagine my surprise when I read that losing the tip of his finger was actually the third accident to happen on set in a week. Last week, a collision on the set left Craig with a gash on his face that required stitches (I'm sure the make-up department was just thrilled). The weekend before, a fire had broken out at Pinewood Studios, destroying one of the films outdoor sets. I hate to say it, but if these things do happen in threes, Quantum of Solace is looking at one more vehicular mishap to round out the bunch. Let's pray a PA takes a header off of his Razor Scooter tomorrow, scraping an elbow and thus warding off fate in the process.

Quantum will, by the time the film wraps, most likely take home the dubious honor of being the 2008 Production Most Plagued by Accident & Injury, and Craig will no doubt walk away (hopefully under his own power) with the title of The Show Must Go On Actor of the Year. The man is a serious badass. I bet Connery never had to deal with this shit.




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