Awesomeness of Christopher Guest To Negate Lameness of Ben Stiller? Ok so I admit that I never saw Night at the Museum, which may well render me unqualified to write about the news that Christopher Guest will appear in the sequel -- yes there's gonna be a sequel -- playing Ivan the Terrible. I am, however, qualified to speculate on whether or not Guest -- whose work in such gems as This Is Spinal Tap and Waiting for Guffman has placed him among the retinue of modern day comic geniuses -- is, like totally selling out or if he's pulling a Colbert in The Love Guru, i.e. elevating cinematic dreck to a higher plane by virtue of his involvement. It's a toughie. Could be he's doing both.

After all, what is selling out really? Shades of gray. On one end of the spectrum you have the Eddie Murphys of the world who full-on admit that they don't care how crappy the quality of their acting roles is, as long as they get a big fat paycheck. And on the other end there are the Vincent Gallos, who may as well appear in the dictionary behind the "pretentious dick" entry. The rest is murky territory. However, if Guest's Ivan the Terrible is anything like his turn as the Six-Fingered Man (albeit with a Russian accent, presumably), it may well redeem the Ben Stiller train wreck from unfathomable awfulness. Stranger things have happened.




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