Chill Yourself, Bale!

by admin July 23, 2008 11:59 am
Chill Yourself, Bale!

As you've undoubtedly read by now, Christian Bale was arrested (and later released without charges) in London earlier this week after police responded to reports of verbal assault that were allegedly called in by Bale's sister and mom. WTF, Christian? Just because no one's singing your praises for being the straight man in the excellent-as-all-get-out new Batman flick doesn't mean you have to freak out on your mom and sister, dude. That old chestnut about all publicity being good publicity? Doesn't really extend to domestic abuse.

It seems the actor, who has up to now managed to live a relatively controversy-free life, is racking up all kinds of bad press insinuating that he's a loose cannon with violent tendencies; just yesterday TMZ, that wellspring of reliable journalism, reported that Bale was threatening to crack skulls on the set of the new Terminator flick in which he's starring. Does all the wackiness surrounding the star mean he's finally arrived? Or just that he hasn't found the correct cocktail of self-medication and/or team of handlers to spin this stuff properly? Whatever the case, no one likes a wife (or mom or sister) yeller-atter. So check thyself before thou wreckest thyself, mkah?




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