Express, for Men

by Zach Oat August 7, 2008 4:50 pm
<i>Express</i>, for Men

If you look closely at James Franco's T-shirt in Pineapple Express, you'll see that it's one of the most awesome T-shirt designs ever: a shark devouring a kitten. When asked about it in interviews, Franco always credits the design to Pineapple director David Gordon Green, but that apparently isn't the case. T-shirt designers WOWCH created an astoundingly similar design for Urban Outfitters back in 2005, which was apparently tweaked and flipped to create Franco's movie getup. Unless Franco's drug dealer character traded merchandise with the knock-off clothing manufacturer next door, there better be a good explanation for this.

If it's intentional theft, we can certainly understand the thinking behind it. The original shirt (which was limited to 500 pieces) is long sold out, and the production would doubtlessly have needed dozens of them just to keep Franco in clean shirts for the duration of the shoot. However, it does seem a little weird that Green would rip off a shirt that blatantly, put it in such a prominent position in his film and then lie about it. (To James Franco, of all people!) Is there another explanation? Did Green forget that it wasn't his idea? Hmm. What could possibly have caused Green to see a shirt, find it amusing, get inspired by it, and then forget that it wasn't his idea? Wait a minute, could it be that he was...stoned out of his gourd at the time?

Regardless, the WOWCH guys are ticked, and have provided a list of demands on their blog. Granted, their demands are only two tickets to the movie and some popcorn, but it's the principle of the thing. (They have agreed to share a soda.) They seem to just want credit, and for everyone to buy one of their new Shark-Eating-Kitten shirts, which they have just restarted production on. This way, nobody needs to take the shirt off of James Franco's back.




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