Shia LaBoeuf: Amputee?

by admin August 7, 2008 11:21 am

Far be it from me (or TWoP) to report news from the scandal-riddled gossip rags, but Shia LaBoeuf might lose a finger, you guys. And, okay, it's not that far from me (or TWoP) to report news from the scandal-riddled gossip rags. Star Magazine has come out with a story that, due to injuries to his left hand that he sustained in a recent car accident, doctors have informed the star that he may have to amputate one of his injured fingers. The pinky, for all of you morbidly curious. I'm not sure what's more upsetting; the fact that a bright young (if maybe in need of a quick jaunt to Promises) kid may become of the few true Hollywood amputees, or the fact that Defamer already used the Shia-LaBoeuf-has-more-talent-in-his-little-finger-than-most-of-you-have-in-your-whole-body, unfortunately-they're-cutting-it-off joke. Damn them.

According to Star's source, LaBoeuf called the producers of Transformers: Rise of the Fallen, who are currently on set in New Mexico, and told them the news. To quote the source "it's really thrown the movie into turmoil." Which part, I wonder. The part where their star will be out of commission for a fairly serious surgery for a few weeks in the middle of the shoot, or the fact that when he does come back he'll have one less finger on his left hand. Not that they can't write that into the script, but depending on how much and which scenes they've already shot, they may have to go back and do a lot of reshooting. With a budget likely to be upwards of $150 million (in which I'm sure there was no "in case of amputation" insurance clause), I'd bet Dreamworks and Paramount are just thrilled. Good luck getting insurance on your next movie, Shia! (And sorry about the hand. You at least had the decency to flip your truck at 3:00 in the morning and save many of us Angelenos the traffic headache.)

[Update: This is all bullhonky.]




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