Aston Martin Wants James Bond to Drive Another Day

Despite all the troubles the automobiles of Quantum of Solace have, er, enjoyed in the last several months, from the Aston Martin that was driven into Lake Garda on its way to the set to the stuntman who was hurt when the Alfa Romeo he was driving crashed into a wall, car makers still seem to be rather fond of the Bond franchise. So fond in fact, that as reported by Motor Authority, Aston Martin has given Bond star Daniel Craig an open invitation to drive any car of theirs he pleases, for life.

You can hardly blame them though, as James Bond seems to be rather good for business--the Aston Martin-turned-submarine that was on loan to the film for a sequence was a total loss, if you don't count the $350,000 a fan paid for the demolished auto at an auction earlier this month. If you can get a movie fan to pay that much money for a car that will only sit in his driveway and smell of fish, then letting the film's star zip around the world in any car of yours he likes seems a small price to pay.

And I hate to say it folks, but Daniel Craig is sounding a tad ungrateful. He bemoaned the fact that driving the car in London, where he currently lives, would be not only impractical, but also that he'd have "nowhere to park." You'd think that he'd be over the moon, given that not only is he being offered a free car for life, but he's also being offered one of the nicest cars ever. I mean, imagine if Burt Reynolds, following the success of Smokey and the Bandit, being given the keys to any Pontiac he wanted, or Michael J. Fox given free reign to forever drive a Delorean. Nice, sure. But neither is an Aston Martin. Nevertheless, should Craig ever decide to move to a more car-friendly city, we can all hope that the bad automotive juju that seemed to follow the Quantum of Solace set doesn't follow him.




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