<I>The Losers</i>: The Cast’s Most ‘Losingest’ Roles

We all agree that The Losers has a pretty exciting cast. But, as with all actors, not every role they've had in their respective careers has been a winner. So just for poorly worded puns and giggles, I've run down the cast's "Losingest" roles to date, just so none of us ever forgets the offense that was Speed 2: Cruise Control while we're enjoying the film this weekend.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Dead Denny. Absolutely no contest. He was a good character before he became a ghost, and he's more than made up for it with his work in Watchmen and Supernatural, but the latter portion of his Grey's Anatomy arc was so embarrassingly awful it towered over even Morgan's Fred Claus cameo.

Zoe Saldana
Leaving giant Smurfs out of this, the obvious and accurate choice is Crossroads. Because no matter how good you are, there's no rising above a movie starring Britney Spears. (And don't you dare nominate Center Stage in the comments -- Center Stage is awesome.)

Chris Evans
I hate to rip on Chris Evans -- he's taken such a beating for his Captain America casting, and he's really just getting his career together, but alas, it must be done. So is Push the worst? Street Kings? Silver Surfer? The debate over whether Fantastic Four or its sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer is the worst of that franchise could rage on forever, but for Chris Evans specifically, I'm giving it to the first Fantastic Four, for introducing us to how ridiculous he looked saying "Flame on!" over and over again for 90 minutes.

Idris Elba
Stringer Bell. Just kidding. Just kidding! Calm down! While a lot of Idris Elba's post-Wire gigs have been beneath him (Prom Night, The Reaping, the Jada Pinkett-directed The Human Contract), if "losingest" is at all quantifiable, his participation in the Beyonce vehicle Obsessed has to be it. The movie was a lot of fun, but he played the man haplessly caught between a psychotic Ali Larter and a pissed off Beyonce, so c'mon -- he was in about 70% of the film's scenes, but none of them were ever really about him.

Jason Patric
He was in some good movies. Who doesn't love Sleepers? Or The Lost Boys? Or Narc? But, sadly (and hilariously), he was also in Speed 2: Cruise Control. Note to actors: When even Keanu is too smart to accept a movie part, you do not want that movie part either.

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