Johnny Depp Needs More Fiber In His Diet

by admin October 22, 2008 5:25 pm
Johnny Depp Needs More Fiber In His Diet Guess who's officially lost it? Johnny Depp! Add him to the list of celebs who've gotten progressively banana salad over the years, which is currently dominated by Miss Tyra Banks. It seems that in order to get into character for his role as the Mad Hatter in the forthcoming Tim Burton adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, dude ate his hat. That's right, ate it.

Honestly? Couldn't he have figured out some better way of immersing himself in the nuttiness? Say, exposure to lead or a few tabs of LSD? Or, I dunno, maybe just pretending ? No, apparently he could not. What I want to know is exactly what kind of hat are we talking here? Was it a Trilby? A fedora? A sombrero? Was it the one in this picture? Was it prepared in any special way? Broiled perhaps? Stir fried? Were there any condiments involved? And did he suffer any gastric discomfort afterward? And most importantly, where does one go from here once one's begun devouring one's accessories? Will he move on to full suits or change tacks entirely? These are the probing questions that I need answered.





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