The Next 3D: Movies Set On the Streets Where You Live

The resurgence of 3-D as a way to make movies a more immersive experience is all well and good, but we've been tinkering with the same formula since the 1950s, and the only other thing we've come up with since then is Smell-O-Vision. Isn't it time for something new? Something that can make horror movies scarier and other movies far more personal? Well, there is now. Director Chris Milk has made an interactive music video for Arcade Fire called The Wilderness Downtown, which lets you choose the location where it takes place. By entering in your childhood street address, you get to watch the hooded teenager in the film run down the streets where you grew up, thanks to what I can only assume is the magic of Google Earth. If this technology can be perfected, imagine the possibilities -- films could be shot on bluescreens, then the backgrounds could be dropped in based on the renter's mailing address! Special glasses could personalize the locale for everyone in the theater audience! Just think how much better these films would be if they took place in your neighborhood!

A high-octane shootout between Val Kilmer and the cops as they weave in and out of stopped cars? And to think that you saw it on Mulberry Street! Where Mrs. Franklin used to live! You remember Mrs. Franklin, don't you? Timmy's mom.

I Know What You Did Last Summer
Obviously, you know what you did last summer, but how do they know? See Sarah Michelle Gellar and company hit a guy with their car on the exact street corner where you hit that guy that time!

Dude, Where's My Car?
Not only can the movie's two dunderheads scour the streets of the town where you live, ordering from your favorite drive-thru Chinese restaurant, they can be looking for your car!

If they can make it look like a kid is running up your driveway, then they can make it look like your town has been folded over on itself like a taco, with cars driving around on the street above the kid as he himself drives a van off of a bridge to trigger the first kick.

You'll never look at package deliveries the same way again after Brad Pitt becomes Wrath right there in your backyard.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Forget Ferris -- it's your day off as your face is superimposed on Matthew Broderick's so you can attend a ball game at your local stadium, take a sports car for a joyride and even see your name up on a water tower. Then you'll race along the streets of your neighborhood in time to beat your movie parents home and earn your sister's respect.

What movies would you want to see set in your town? Let us know below!

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