Up: Solving the Pixar Formula for Success

We have to admit, Pixar seems to be able to do no wrong. Every time they make a new movie, they try to do something unique and different -- talking race cars, cooking rats, mute robots -- and each time it turns out to be a hit. But are they really all that unique and different? We've seen a bunch of footage from their newest film, Up, and we can see a bunch of similarities to their previous films. Are all Pixar movies pretty much the same story? Doesn't everyone tell the same story, in a way? Isn't life just one big story that's forever being told? Ponder that one as we search for patterns in the Pixar universe.

Up (2009)
Cranky old widower Carl, escaping massive construction around his house, decides to fulfill his dead wife's dream of visiting far-off South America, so he ties a ton of balloons to his house and flies away, but accidentally brings along an annoying, chatty Boy Scout who hitches a ride on his porch. They fall out over South America, where they encounter a bizarre group of animals and face an evil old man with a mustache.
Humorously Short Character: They're both pretty short.

WALL-E (2008)
Like Carl, WALL-E is surrounded by metal towers, although he made them himself, out of garbage. He falls in love with a girl robot, who kinda-sorta dies for a little while, and when she flies back to her far-off mothership, he hitches a ride, clinging to the side of her rocket. Once on board the mothership, WALL-E encounters a bizarre group of robots and faces an evil ship's computer.
Humorously Short Character: WALL-E himself.

Ratatouille (2007)
While fleeing the country house where he lives, Remy the rat is swept away in the sewers, to far-off Paris, where he cooks elaborate dinners with the help of a young chef and helps him defeat an evil chef with a mustache.
Humorously Short Character: evil chef Skinner.

Cars (2006)
Talking race car Lightning McQueen is taking a long voyage similar to Carl's (in his mobile home away from home) when he falls out in the far-off town of Radiator Springs. He meets a bizarre group of locals, including an annoying, chatty tow truck, flies in a dream and defeats an evil race car with a mustache.
Humorously Short Character: Guido the Italian forklift.

The Incredibles (2004)
At various times in this movie, retired hero Mr. Incredible a) is cranky, b) has an annoying, chatty sidekick, c) flies to a far-off island and d) believes himself to be a widower.
Humorously Short Character: Costume designer Edna Mode.

Finding Nemo (2003)
Replace "South America" with "Australia," "Boy Scout" with "amnesiac" and make everybody a fish, and you've got this story about a cranky fish widower making a journey to a far-off land to save his son, picking up an annoying, chatty sidekick and meeting a bizarre group of sea creatures along the way.
Humorously Short Character: Peach the starfish.

Monsters, Inc. (2001)
In a world populated entirely by a bizarre group of creatures, fuzzy monster Sulley has no idea what to do with annoying, chatty baby Boo, and when he can't take her home, is instead exiled to far-off Tibet. In the final scene, he flies around his workplace on a network of doors.
Humorously Short Character: Walking eyeball Mike Wazowski.

A Bug's Life (1998)
Evil grasshopper Hopper and his annoying, chatty sidekick demand food from an ant colony, so ant inventor Flik flies off on a mission to a far-off soup can to recruit a bizarre group of circus performers.
Humorously Short Character: Foreign-sounding acrobats Tuck and Roll.

Toy Story (1995)
Cowboy toy Woody gets cranky when a new toy steals his thunder, and when the two of them end up in the relatively far-off house next door, they have to team up with a bizarre group of Frankentoys in order to escape, by flying onto the back of a moving truck.
Humorously Short Character: The claw-machine aliens.

We're reaching, aren't we. We still love Pixar to death, though, so let us know what you thought of the movie below!




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