After The Lorax, What Dr. Seuss Books are Left to Turn Into Movies?

Movies based on children's books by Dr. Seuss have done very well in Hollywood. How the Grinch Stole Christmas was a Jim Carrey blockbuster in 2000, as was the animated Horton Hears a Who in 2008. Mike Myers' The Cat in the Hat, on the other hand... well, two successful movies out of three ain't bad. But now that the news has broken that Universal will be releasing a 3D animated movie based on ecological parable The Lorax in 2012, one has to wonder how many movies ol' Theodor Geisel's oeuvre has left to give us. We looked over his body of work and called out some of the most marketable titles. Expect to see one or more of these in theatres by 2015.

The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
Like all of the books listed here, the plot would need to be expanded a little bit, but the story of a man who puts on an enchanted hat and then finds another hat in its place when he tries to take it off (and another, and another, and another) could make for some great physical comedy involving hilariously inappropriate hats. Yankee game? Red Sox hat. Meeting with German investors? Nazi helmet. Mental hospital intake? Napoleon hat. Is Jim Carrey available?

McElligot's Pool
This tale of a boy who goes fishing in a dirty little puddle and imagines the wondrous creatures beneath could spiral into a grand aquatic adventure, whereupon maybe the kid gets shrunk, turning the pool into a massive ocean he must cross, populated by giant, scary critters? What, too Honey I Shrunk the Kids?

If I Ran the Circus
When little Morris McGurk opens his Circus McGurkus in a vacant lot behind Mr. Sneelock's store, no one can predict that it will eventually become the most popular circus in the country, thanks to the inventive and hard-working Mr. Sneelock (George Clooney).

Fox in Socks
The sad story of Mr. Knox, who gets drawn into various situations by a fox in socks, might be better re-imagined as being less literal. We see naive college student Teddy Knox (Michael Cera) getting sucked into the world of organized crime by a fox-y lady -- possibly even played by Megan Fox -- and the reason he agrees is because she's wearing only her socks when she asks him. What's he gonna say, no?

Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book
This story, which visits different imaginary creatures in different made-up parts of the world and examines how they sleep, could be shown in drive-in theaters, and would be specially designed to put kids to sleep before the R-rated movie starts.

Green Eggs and Ham
Short order cook Sam "Sam I Am" O'Rourke (Jon Hamm) loves to make up new dishes for his kids when they come to visit him at his diner, but when an experimental new recipe gets accidentally delivered to a visiting food critic, Sam's diner becomes the talk of the town -- at least, until the side effects kick in. That's one way to go with it, anyway -- the other way involves a little person in a top hat chasing a guy around and trying to make him eat a good meal, which sounds like a horror movie to us.

Hop on Pop
A touching family drama, this movie would follow a man's recovery from severe internal injuries acquired while being hopped on, and his family's attempts to come to terms with their grief and guilt over the incident. Starring Paul Giamatti as "Pop."

What Dr. Seuss Book would you like to see get made into a movie?




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