5 Big Reveals at Disney's D23 Convention

Look out, San Diego Comic-Con -- this past weekend, Disney held their own convention in Anaheim, and it had more Disney-related celebrity panels and announcements than you could shake a stick at. While a lot of the show was simply fan service -- merchandise, collectible pins, a look at new theme parks and attractions in the works, a Miley Cyrus concert -- there were actually a lot of great announcements about upcoming movies, and we thought we'd run down some of the bigger ones below.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Gets a Subtitle
Johnny Depp himself showed up -- in full Jack Sparrow regalia no less -- to unveil the next POTC installment's name extension: On Stranger Tides. Scuttlebutt around the poopdeck indicates that it will be based on the 1988 book of the same name, which is about Blackbeard assembling a crew of living and undead pirates to find the fountain of youth. (Which, coincidentally, was Jack and Barbossa's destination at the end of the last one.) Hopefully, this 2011 movie will rank up there with Tideland and The Prince of Tides as one of the greatest tide-related films of all time.

John Carter: The First Live-Action Pixar Movie
I've been wondering this for a while now, but apparently Pixar's John Carter: Warlord of Mars, due out summer 2012, will indeed be live-action, making it the first such movie for the talented animation house. Granted, there will be a lot (dare we say Avatar-like levels?) of CGI, so the movie might as well be fully animated, but I'm personally happy that Taylor Kitsch's Carter will be a real person, even if Willem Dafoe's 12-foot, four-armed Tars Tarkas will likely not.

Toy Story 3 Introduces Spanish Buzz Lightyear
Not only do all of Andy's toys (except for Woody) get accidentally thrown out in the next installment of Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear's "reset" button gets hit, which causes him to speak Spanish, dance the Flamenco and seduce cowgirl Jessie. This, combined with the prospect of 3D and the fact that Timothy Dalton plays a hedgehog named Mr. Pricklepants, makes this June 18, 2010 movie much too far away for my personal tastes. The following summer's Cars 2 sounds pretty sweet as well.

Jason Segel Will Write The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made
Seriously, that's the name of the movie he's writing, which takes its title (and likely its plot) from a 1985 Jim Henson treatment, in which Gonzo directs a big Hollywood Muppet movie and blows the entire budget quickly. Segal is of course a big Muppet fan, so he must be over the moon writing the first theatrical Muppet movie since 1999 -- based on an original Henson concept, no less. Segal becomes a movie star and uses his clout to write a Muppet movie? O, brave new world, that has such people in't.

The Princess and the Frog: Cookie Cutter, but Delicious
Disney screened 30 minutes of mostly complete footage from their next Disney princess movie, featuring the first African-American princess in their library. (True, Nala was African, but she was also a lion, and voiced by Moira Kelly.) Apparently the jazz-inspired music is great, as is the 2-D animation, but the story is nothing new. I personally am excited that the voodoo villain has a skull painted on his face like Bond villain Baron Samedi and old-school WWF wrestler Papa Shango.

Which of these Disney projects are you most looking forward to?




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