<I>Toy Story 3</i>: 10 Toys We Want to See In the Next Film

The Toy Story movies have always featured a fun mix of real and imaginary toys, with Mr. Potato Head, Barbie, Army Men and a Barrel of Monkeys hanging out alongside Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Now, the third installment brings with it a whole slew of new toy characters, including a Ken doll and a classic Chatter Telephone, and it got us thinking about other actual toys we'd like to see in future installments. Make it happen, Pixar!

G.I. Joe
We love R. Lee Ermey's little green army man as much as the next guy, but why isn't there a military hero who can stand tall alongside Woody and Buzz. A bearded man of action would round out the trio of stars nicely, and if they want to get more female toys in the mix, may we recommend a G.I. Jane?

Optimus Prime
Aside from General Zurg, there haven't been a lot of robots in the Toy Story films, which is odd, since it seems like they'd be easier to animate. With the Transformers film franchise nearing an end, Prime should be free to pursue other tactically sound movie roles.

Stretch Armstrong
We hear this live-action movie is being developed with Taylor Lautner in the title role, but a stretchy action hero seems too big for one movie. The comic potential of a stretch toy reaching his breaking point is limitless, so hopefully Slinky Dog won't mind the competition.

Max Steel
The role Lautner passed up to play Stretch, Mattel's nanite-infused spy character isn't as popular in America as he is overseas. But that could all change overnight if he turned up in the next Toy Story as a man toy on a mission.

Rubik's Cube
Perhaps the Pixar writers felt it was impossible to make a character out of a 3 x 3 x 3 cube of colored squares, but they must not be familiar with his 1983 cartoon series, Rubik the Amazing Cube! Granted, that show had to give him an impish face and blocky feet to help him express himself, but we think the talented people at Pixar could do it with varying displays of color.

Hungry Hippos
We know they're bolted to a board game, but why haven't the hippos been part of some kind of diabolical deathtrap perpetrated against the heroes? We can see Rex divulging any and all relevant information when dangled threateningly over four ferocious hippopotami.

Teddy Ruxpin
This talking teddy bear needs to make a comeback, so we'd love to see an old Ruxpin being pulled out of mothballs to aid the gang in an attic treasure hunt. Or just to creep people out with his primitive animatronics, like a character at a Chuck E. Cheese.

Wacky WallWalkers
Just as the little green army men form a tiny-yet-fearful fighting unit, we can see a team of wacky these sticky, octopus-like wall-crawlers slowly and silently descending a wall to get the drop on their foes.

He-Man & Battle Cat
The Toy Story movies have plenty of generic musclemen, but why not the ultimate muscleman and his talking green tiger? After all, if Emperor Zurg ever teamed up with Skeletor, the gang would definitely need He-Man's help.

My Little Pony
Woody's a cowboy, so why has he never had to stop a stampede of spooked, magical horses. The Pegasi might be hard to corral, but Woody should be able to calm the rest of them with some fancy trick hair-brushing.

What toy would you like to see in the next Toy Story? Let us know below, then see what board games we'd like to see as movies!

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