In a Heavy Metal Showdown, <I>Iron Man</I> Comes Out on Top

If it weren't such a terrible movie, I might actually feel a little bad for Speed Racer being such a terrible flop at the box office. But it is, so I don't. And, to top it off, Iron Man was so great that it's easy for me to find immense joy in its second straight week at the top.

Iron Man brought in another $50.5 million on 4,111 screens in its second week, for a total of $177.1 million in two weeks. Speed Racer crashed, but still managed to limp across the finish line just ahead of What Happens in Vegas,, bringing in $20.2 million to Vegas's $20.0 million. Screen for screen was a different story, though, since Speed was on 3,606 screens and Vegas only on 3,215. That's $5,604 per screen for Speed Racer, leaving it firmly in the dust of the Ashton Kutcher-Cameron Diaz mess, which brought in $6,220 per screen.

Showing that there's room at the multiplex for all kinds of movies -- even in the summer -- Made of Honor held on for fourth, bringing in another $7.6 million in its second week, with Baby Mama in fifth in its third week, with $5.8 million.The rest of the top 10: 6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall, $3.8 million; 7. Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, $3.2 million; 8. The Forbidden Kingdom, $1.9 million; 9. Nim's Island, $1.3 million; and 10. Redbelt (in its first week of wide release, on 1,379 screens), $1.1 million.




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