<i>Hellboy</i> Outguns <i>Hancock</i> at Box Office

Hellboy II: The Golden Army accomplished a couple of major box-office feats this weekend: It unseated Hancock in a superhero vs. superhero competition for the No. 1 spot (though not by much), and it managed to get halfway to the first Hellboy movie's domestic box office take in its opening weekend.

For the weekend, Hellboy II took in $35.9 million on 3,204 screens, barely beating Hancock, which added $33 million (on 3,965 screens) to its take so far, totalling $165 million after its second weekend. The first Hellboy, released in April 2004, made $59.6 million domestically, $23.2 of that on its opening weekend.

Following the superhero battle at the top of the box office was 3D showcase Journey to the Center of the Earth, which made a respectable $20.6 million on 2,811 screens. Disney Pixar's latest WALL-E stayed strong in fourth with $18.5 million in its third week.

The other new wide release of the week, Meet Dave, was way back in seventh (behind Wanted's $11.6 million and Get Smart's $7.1 million), mustering a humiliating $5.3 million on 3,011 screens. Thank you, moviegoers for finally wising up about Eddie Murphy's antics. Maybe he'll learn something from this disaster.

Kung Fu Panda ($4.3 million), Kit Kittredge: An American Girl ($2.4 million), and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ($2.3 million) rounded out the top 10.




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