Bangkok Dangerous Barely Wins Terrible Weekend

So, Bangkok Dangerous finally knocked Tropic Thunder out of its spot at the top of the weekend box office, but it was nothing to be proud of. Bangkok led all movies with $7.8 million at the box office on the slowest box office weekend in seven years.

Don't blame Nicolas Cage, though. I mean, sure he's had movies that have opened with less than $5 million weekends (I'm looking at you, Weather Man!), but his most recent movie, the sequel National Treasure: Book of Secrets, was a huge hit, ending up with a $220 million box office take. So it's not his fault that the weekend was terrible, although it is tempting to lay at least part of the blame on his Bangkok Dangerous hairdresser.

Tropic Thunder kept it a close weekend, bringing in another $7.5 million to stay in second. However, it's more respectable than the higher take of the Nicolas Cage mess, because it means Tropic Thunder has now made $96.8 million.

After that, it's hard to care which movies managed to round out the top 10, but here they are for posterity (from Yahoo! Movies):

1. Bangkok Dangerous, $7,800,000 (first week)
2. Tropic Thunder, $7,500,000 ($96,811,000 in four weeks)
3. The House Bunny, $5,900,000 ($36,999,000 in three weeks)
4. The Dark Knight, $5,715,000 ($512,198,000 in eight weeks)
5. Traitor, $4,660,000 ($17,652,000 in two weeks)
6. Babylon A.D., $4,000,000 ($17,198,000 in two weeks)
7. Death Race, $3,595,000 ($29,793,000 in three weeks)
8. Disaster Movie, $3,300,000 ($10,871,000 in two weeks)
9. Mamma Mia!, $2,713,000 ($136,297,000 in eight weeks)
10. Pineapple Express, $2,400,000 ($84,158,000 in five weeks)

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