Shia LaBeouf Lets the Eagle Eye Soar

by DeAnn Welker September 29, 2008 10:06 am
Shia LaBeouf Lets the <i>Eagle Eye</i> Soar

Shia LaBeouf and Eagle Eye helped pull the movies out of the blues they've been in for a number of weeks (remember three weeks ago, when the No. 1 movie made $7.8 million?) with a $29.2 million opening weekend. It was not only good enough for the top spot at the box office, but also good enough to make it the No. 4 September opening of all time. That's mildly impressive -- though only mildly, considering one of the movies ahead of it is The Exorcism of Emily Rose, not exactly a masterpiece.

Nights in Rodanthe, appealing to an entirely different audience, was far behind with $13.6 million, but second for the weekend, ahead of Lakeview Terrace, which brought in another $7 million in its second weekend; and Kirk Cameron's latest Christian vehicle Fireproof, which opened with $6.5 million on 839 screens (better per screen, $7,764, than Nights and Lakeview, bested in the top 10 only by Shia.)

Spike Lee's Miracle at St. Anna was much less successful, making just $3.5 million on 1,185 screens. I think it was probably Clint Eastwood's fault. Oh, and The Dark Knight has finally departed the top 10, coming in 13th with $1.7 million for the weekend. But it's made $524,465,000 in 11 weeks, more than Titanic had made at the same point in its release.

The top 10:

1. Eagle Eye, $29,200,000 (first week)
2. Nights in Rodanthe, $13,570,000 (first week)
3. Lakeview Terrace, $7,000,000 ($25,700,000 in two weeks)
4. Fireproof, $6,514,000 (first week)
5. Burn After Reading, $6,169,000 ($45,540,000 in three weeks)
6. Igor, $5,500,000 ($14,339,000 in two weeks)
7. Righteous Kill, $3,803,000 ($34,805,000 in three weeks)
8. My Best Friend's Girl, $3,800,000 ($14,529,000 in two weeks)
9. Miracle at St. Anna, $3,501,000 (first week)
10. Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys, $3,160,000 ($32,796,000 in three weeks)




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