America Loves Beverly Hills Chihuahua; We Hate America

If you 've ever wondered why so much of the world hates America, we now have an answer: Beverly Hills Chihuahua held tight to its number 1 position at the box office for a second weekend in a row, despite four new movies opening in wide release. It brought in $17.5 million for a $52.5 million total after two weeks. I wanted to take solace in the fact that it opened on a lot of screens (3,218), so it 's per-screen take might not be as great as some other movies. But only one movie in the top 10 has a higher per-screen take than Chihuahua 's $5,442 per screen.

That movie would be Quarantine, which took in $14.2 million on 2,461 screens in its opening week. That was good enough for second place overall and for the highest per-screen take in the top 10, with $5,770 per screen.

The most buzz-worthy opening of the week, the DiCaprio-Crowe starring vehicle Body of Lies, opened at number 3, with $13.1 million. It 's still a respectable haul, though, particularly for a film about the current Middle East situation, since those films haven 't tended to fare so well. The week 's other wide releases, The Express and City of Ember, took in $4.7 million and $3.2 million respectively, coming in sixth and 10th for the weekend.

Big per-screen hits were Rachel Getting Married, which managed a 24th-place finish on only 27 screens, taking in $17,185 per screen for a $464,000 weekend and $882,000 overall. Guy Ritchie 's RockNRolla and Mike Leigh 's Happy-Go-Lucky also did well in limited release, each taking in $20,000 per screen or more (RockNRolla made $141,000 on seven screens, for $20,143 per screen; Happy-Go-Lucky made $80,000 on four screens, for exactly $20,000 per screen).

The top 10:

1. Beverly Hills Chihuahua, $17,511,000 ($52,541,000 in two weeks)
2. Quarantine, $14,200,000 (first week)
3. Body of Lies, $13,120,000 (first week)
4. Eagle Eye, $11,015,000 ($70,551,000 in three weeks)
5. Nick & Norah 's Infinite Playlist, $6,500,000 ($20,810,000 in two weeks)
6. The Express, $4,731,000 (first week)
7. Nights in Rodanthe, $4,610,000 ($32,366,000 in three weeks)
8. Appaloosa, $3,340,000 ($10,886,000 in four weeks)
9. The Duchess, $3,322,000 ($5,620,000 in four weeks)
10. City of Ember, $3,200,000 (first week)




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