<i>Alice</i> Defeated by <i>Dragon</i>: Kind of Predictable, Really

After three weeks at the number-one spot at the box office, Tim Burton's dystopic Alice in Wonderland has finally slipped a notch, making only $17 million to How to Train Your Dragon's $43 million. While Dragon is clearly the kiddies' flavor of the week, Alice is still a box office bonanza, with a domestic tally of $293 million and a worldwide total of $656 million, making it one of the top 40 moneymakers of all time. Speaking of movies about guys who ride dragons and movies that made a lot of money, No.1 movie of all time Avatar has finally dropped out of the Top Ten, having made $2.7 billion worldwide. That should do it for now, right? [Well, at least until they re-release it with bonus scenes. -- Angel]

We predict a lower final ranking for Hot Tub Time Machine, which opened at No. 3 with $13 million and has received so-so reviews. Hopefully, it does better next week than Repo Men, which dropped 50% from No. 4 to No. 9, only making $3 million this weekend. Guess gory, nondescript sci-fi tales about artificial livers aren't the must-see sensations they used to be, huh? We don't know what's sadder, that Repo Men dropped so fast, or that The Bounty Hunter is still at No. 4 and made four times as much money. Sigh.

The Top Ten:
1. How to Train Your Dragon $43.3 million
2. Alice in Wonderland (2010) $17.3 million ($293.1 million after four weeks)
3. Hot Tub Time Machine $13.7 million
4. The Bounty Hunter $12.4 million ($38.8 million after two weeks)
5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid $10 million ($35.8 million after two weeks)
6. She's Out of My League $3.5 million ($25.6 million after three weeks)
7. Green Zone $3.4 million ( $30.4 million after three weeks)
8. Shutter Island $3.2 million ( $120.6 million after six weeks)
9. Repo Men $3 million ($11.3 million after two weeks)
10. Our Family Wedding $2.2 million ($16.8 million after three weeks)

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