Alice's Spectacular Debut Headlines a Box-Office Wonderland

Take a classic, family-friendly film property and add a fan-favorite director, an iconic movie star and 3-D glasses, and you've apparently got a smash hit on your hands. Alice in Wonderland, the latest funhouse-mirror remake by director Tim Burton, opened to $116 million at the box office, the sixth biggest opening of all time, helping make it the biggest March opening ever in the U.S. That beats Burton's previous biggest opening, for Planet of the Apes ($68.5 million), and considering how much better this movie is than Apes, we hope it will outgross it in the long run, as well. Another $94 million from overseas placed it at number 14 on the list of biggest worldwide openings, so things are looking good there, too.

Compared to Alice, everything else was really just gravy, although it all helped to raise the overall box office 68% from last year, when Watchmen was the only new movie in theaters. Brooklyn's Finest packed in enough cop movie clich├ęs to earn $13.5 million, but Shutter Island was right behind it at $13.3 million, and that was in its third weekend. Cop Out rounded out the cop-movie trinity with $9 million, and Avatar continued to hang in there, making another $7.7 million. That makes $720 million in the U.S., and $2.56 billion worldwide, for those of you playing a long, box-office-related drinking game.

In other news, Best Animated Feature nominee The Secret of Kells opened in one theater, and made $40,000. Good for you, Secret of Kells!

The Top Ten:
1. Alice in Wonderland $116.3 million
2. Brooklyn's Finest $13.5 million
3. Shutter Island $13.3 million ($95.8 million in three weeks)
4. Cop Out $9.1 million ($32.3 million in two weeks)
5. Avatar $7.7 million ($720.2 million in twelve weeks)
6. The Crazies $7 million ($27.4 million in two weeks)
7. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief $5.1 million ($78 million in four weeks)
8. Valentine's Day $4.3 million ($106.2 million in four weeks)
9. Crazy Heart $3.4 million ( $29.6 million in twelve weeks)
10. Dear John $2.9 million ($76.7 million in five weeks)




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