Dragon Ruins Plan, Wins Out Over Losers  — No, Seriously This Time

Last weekend's false victory aside, this weekend How to Train Your Dragon really did return to the top of the box office list, its giant, leathery wings overshadowing two middling releases. Four weeks after it opened with $43 million, it still managed to scrounge up $15 million -- enough to make The Back-up Plan, Jennifer Lopez's grand return to movies, come in second place. If only she'd been more leathery! If only!

Date Night managed to hang on long enough to leave the weekend's second new release, The Losers, to debut in fourth place, with only $9.6 million. Apparently, a second-rate A-Team with no big stars in it didn't get a lot of people to buy tickets, because Kick-Ass was hot on its heels in its second week of release, and most critics aren't saying anything nice about that one.

Clash of the Titans and Death at a Funeral pulled in $9 and $8 million, respectively, form their audiences in their fourth and second weeks, which left the last new release, Disney's underwater documentary Oceans, in eight place with $6. Because Shark Week on the Discovery Channel is free.

The Top Ten:
1. How to Train Your Dragon $15 million ($178 million in 5 weeks)
2. The Back-up Plan $12.3 million
3. Date Night $10.6 million ($63.5 million in 3 weeks)
4. The Losers $9.6 million
5. Kick-Ass $9.5 million ($34.9 million in 2 weeks)
6. Clash of the Titans $9 million ($145.6 million in 4 weeks)
7. Death at a Funeral $8 million ($28.4 million in 2 weeks)
8. Oceans $6 million
9. The Last Song $3.7 million ($55.4 million in 4 weeks)
10. Alice in Wonderland $2.2 million ($327.5 million in 8 weeks)

Read our reviews of The Back-up Plan and The Losers, then see why Back-up looks really familiar.

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