Ogre the Top: Shrek Arm-Wrestles MacGruber Into Submission

Considering how well How to Train Your Dragon has been doing ($44 million opening weekend, $211 mill to date), it's no wonder that the fourth installment in the popular Shrek franchise, Shrek Forever After would do even better. After all, it has dragons and overweight cats! Adorable! That, a lack of kid-friendly competition and the money-printing combo of IMAX and 3-D helped Shrek go medieval on the box office and earn $71 million, and although that's less than the last two Shrek films did in their opening weekends, it was still enough to knock Iron Man 2's knight in shining armor out of the top spot. However, since the armored Avenger has made a quarter-billion in the U.S. and one and a half-bill world wide in only three weeks, we won't feel too sorry for him.

We will feel sorry for MacGruber. Despite being one of the best-reviewed Saturday Night Live-based movies in years (granted, that may have been due to low expectations), it opened to a paltry $4 million, coming in sixth place behind all of last week's new releases. That's right -- in its second week, the brainless Letters to Juliet still made more money than MacGruber. In fact, the only thing MacGruber beat that wasn't a month old was Kites, Brett Ratner's remix of a Bollywood action film. Hopefully, MacGruber will get good word of mouth and eventually earn back its tiny $10 million budget, thereby disarming all of the "bomb" puns that have been popping up in the headlines.

The Top Ten:
1. Shrek Forever After $71 million
2. Iron Man 2 $27 million ($251 million in 3 weeks)
3. Robin Hood $19 million ($66 million in 2 weeks)
4. Letters to Juliet $9 million ($27 million in 2 weeks)
5. Just Wright $4 million ($15 million in 2 weeks)
6. MacGruber $4 million
7. Date Night $3 million ($91 million in 7 weeks)
8. A Nightmare on Elm Street $2 million ($60 million in 4 weeks)
9. How to Train Your Dragon $2 million ($211 million in 9 weeks)
10. Kites $1 million

Read our review of MacGruber and check out our guide to the best and worst SNL films and see how to make a four-film franchise.

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