Robin Hood's Arrows Unable to Pierce Iron Man 2's Armor

In a testament to the power of superheroes (not to mention Robert Downey Jr.'s charm and Scarlett Johansson's bodysuits) Iron Man 2 came out on top for the second week in a row, preventing Robin Hood from rising to the number-one spot. Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott did all right, with $37 million, but IM2 made another $53 million, putting it over the $200 million mark and overtaking How to Train Your Dragon, which is still making money in its 8th week. Perhaps if Robin Hood had been riding a dragon, we might have had a different champion.

The other two new releases for this week fell in line behind Robin Hood. Sappy romance Letters to Juliet stole some of Hood's female traffic to snag $13 million, and Just Wright managed to pull off $8.5 million. In an alternate universe, Common would have played Jim Rhodes in Iron Man 2, thereby continuing his trend of playing supporting roles in major blockbusters, but we're glad to see him headlining with Queen Latifah instead.

The Top Ten:
1. Iron Man $53 million ($212 million in 2 weeks)
2. Robin Hood $37.1 million
3. Letters to Juliet $13.8 million
4. Just Wright $8.5 million
3. How to Train Your Dragon $5.1 million ($208 million in 8 weeks)
2. A Nightmare on Elm Street $4.7 million ($55 million in 3 weeks)
4. Date Night $4 million ($87 million in 6 weeks)
5. The Back-Up Plan $2.5 million ($34 million in 4 weeks)
6. Furry Vengeance $2.3 million ($15 million in 3 weeks)
7. Clash of the Titans $1.3 million ($160 million in 7 weeks)

Read our review of Robin Hood and Letters to Juliet and check out our guide to the best and worst Robin Hoods.

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