Green Beats <i>Greek</i>: Audiences Get to the <i>Shrek</i> Instead

It looks like Marmaduke was less competition for the kiddie dollars than we expected, as Shrek Forever After still handily defeated all comers, moving into a few more theaters and scaring up another $25 million in ticket sales. I guess kids are no longer impressed by animals who don't have jobs? After all, why see a movie about a plain old dog when you can see a movie about a cat sword-fighter, or guinea-pig secret agents, or a mouse chef? (This may be why they're spinning Puss in Boots off into his own movie.) Maybe they should have called it Marley & Me 2: Puppy-Size Me!, and had Owen Wilson magically transform into Marley-maduke at the beginning of the film. Then it might have made $36 million in its opening weekend, like Marley, rather than the $11 million it did. Well, you know what they say: hindsight is a golden retriever. Rimshot!

Thanks to a glut of new movies, Shrek's next nearest competitor, Get Him to the Greek, only brought in $17 million, but that's all it needed to be the number-one newbie to hit theaters this weekend. The comedy managed to stay just ahead of Killers, which was rightly not screened in advance for critics, and had a sizable lead on Splice. Splice fared the worst out of all the new releases, losing out to last week's new releases Prince of Persia and Sex and the City 2 as well as Iron Man 2, which is closing in on $300 million after a month in theaters. It's too bad Splice couldn't genetically engineer itself a stronger opening, but it's the only horror film on the horizon until Eclipse (okay, until Predators), and hopefully word of mouth will lend this intense, thought-provoking movie some of Iron Man's scientifically enhanced mojo. Next week: The A-Team and The Karate Kid!

The Top Ten:
1. Shrek Forever After $25 million ($183 million in 3 weeks)
2. Get Him to the Greek $17 million
3. Killers $16 million
4. Prince of Persia: The Sands ofTime $14 million ($59 million in 2 weeks)
5. Sex and the City 2 $13 million ($73 million in 2 weeks)
6. Marmaduke $11 million
7. Iron Man 2 $8 million ($291 million in 5 weeks)
8. Splice $7 million
9. Robin Hood $5 million ($94 million in 4 weeks)
10. Letters to Juliet $3 million ($43 million in 4 weeks)

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